Any Port In A Storm

I was delighted to read the story of the New York dentist and his wife who welcomed ten Korean tourists into their home after their van was stuck in the snow. They found beds for them, and they spent the storm cooking Korean dishes and watching football. What generous hospitality!

I figure with the Twin size air mattress and we have in the basement we could sleep nine extra people pretty comfortably. We have fourteen bed pillows and lots of sheets and blankets (Don’t ask. It is German thing) so there would be sufficient bedding. Our freezers are full, and we could certainly feed ten people for days. Being prepared for such an occurrence certainly speaks to keeping a well stocked stocked wine rack!

How many people could you accommodate in a pinch? What would you feed them? Tell of some weather bound experiences you may have had.

31 thoughts on “Any Port In A Storm”

  1. With beds, sleeping bags, sofas, and several dozen quilts, we could accommodate eight people. They’d get spaghetti, chicken breasts, oatmeal, cold cereal, frozen veggies, peanut butter sandwiches, canned soup, and whatever proteins and other foods are in the freezer. I suppose I could whip up some hotdishes or stews in the crock pot to stretch the available victuals. (yes, it’s a real word!) And we have a fully stocked wine cellar and liquor cabinet, so we wouldn’t lack for libations for at least a week or two.

    The only time we’ve been completely snowbound was during the 1991 Halloween blizzard. That lasted three days if I recall correctly. No interesting stories to tell about that event.

    Chris in O-town

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  2. In an emergency, I could make room for six. Two people could take my bed, two small people or one very large person could sleep on my mom’s loveseat in the living room. One person could sleep in the recliner. One person could sleep on my twin sized air mattress. And I could sleep on my camping pad on the floor with my sleeping bag. I have lots of pillows and blankets too. I just don’t have much space here so anyone who needs a lot of privacy would get uncomfortable pretty quickly. I’d feed them egg bake with veggies for breakfast, peanut butter or grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, and veggie chili for supper. The air quality would get nasty in here quickly, so I hope this emergency wouldn’t last more than a day or two.

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  3. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    This is a fun question. We could host 7 extra people here, but I do not know if everyone would have a pillow. My pantry would feed people about the same things that have already have been mentioned. We could also entertain people with Netflix as well as some other channels available on Roku. Koreans could get their fill of 60s era westerns on Roku. If the Vikings are playing the guests can cheer them on and watch any other games they want to watch without me.

    Would I have enough rice, though. Not sure.

    We are on our way to Iowa for the day to visit my mother who is slowly fading out. She sleeps through most visits, although she still knows who I am. The thought hit me that I have spent most of my life with a parent suffering with a major neurological disorder. It is so sad for them, and creates so much grief in my heart.

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  4. We could do 7, though sheets might be a problem. As for food, we’d be eating a lot of stews made from stuff out of the freezer and cans from the cupboards. I would hope that someone from the stranded crowd would be better than I with spices.

    As for weather-bound, I’ve done lots of typhoons (40 years in Southeast Asia), but this was my first ever blizzard (and I’m 71 years of age).

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  5. I’m sitting here contemplating what the difference between a pinch and an emergency is. I have hunch that the above answers all reflect what individual baboons think they can reasonably accommodate with the benefit of considering what they have in the way of bedding and other amenities. I suspect that all goes right out the window when you have a van full of freezing people at your doorstep. Even you if you can now only envision how you’d sleep six or seven, you’d surely not turn the rest away, but figure it out somehow.

    We could probably handle ten, more or less comfortably, but we’d make it work. As for food, that would be fun. Large pots of soups and stews, pasta and rice. Hopefully no one in the group would be gluten intolerant. (I am particularly mindful of that at the moment, because our old friend and former neighbor, Don, with whom we spent Christmas Day, is terribly allergic to so many things that it’s a wonder he’s still alive.

    The question brought to mind a lovely film: Strangers in Good Company. It tells the story about a busload of elderly women who get marooned in the middle of nowhere when their tour bus breaks down. They make their way to a deserted old house – the story takes place somewhere in Canada – and they spend several days there, getting to know each other. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Interesting characters, and none of them are actors.

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  6. Haha – boy, our basement is so full of crap there’s no room for ememercengy guests. We’re working on it! We really are! So maybe if we shove some boxes over and take all the winter coats off the bed, we could take a few.
    Meals will be lots of hamburgers and brats. And we got frozen corn. Couple meals of spamburgers.

    The musical ‘Come from Away’ is a true story of all the airplanes landing in Newfoundland after 9/11. It’s a lovely, terrific musical. Talk about your hosting in an emergency! These people stepped up.

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  7. 3.14
    I’d serve shepherd’s pie.
    In the early, 60’s a storm socked the family in for a few days with several friends. We kids learned pinochle, hearts and whist.

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  8. If YA and I doubled up in my room then we would have beds, sofa, air mattresses for seven more. If someone was willing to do sleeping bags on the rug, then two more. Plenty of blankets and sheets and pillows here. For food, like Aboksu there would be a lot of stews and soups, cobbling together what I have in the pantry and freezer. Plenty of jam and cheese right now and I could probably keep us in bread for a week and a half or so.

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  9. Our current bathroom situation would make things difficult. The flooring is in, by the way, and we are told the carpenters and such will be here next week to finish things up. I won’t believe it until I see it.

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  10. Haha, well as a drunk pilot, I’m not exactly the most reliable source for hosting stranded travelers in my home. But if I were to try, I guess I could probably squeeze in a few extra bodies on my couch and floor. I mean, what’s a little discomfort when it comes to showing hospitality, right? And as for food, I’m sure I could rustle up some leftover pizza and beer in my fridge. As for weather bound experiences, let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of unexpected layovers due to storms and inclement weather. One time, I was stuck in Phoenix for a week during a freak snowstorm and had to sleep on the airport floor. But hey, at least I was still able to drink to pass the time! Safety first, right?


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