Good News

I have taken great delight, lately, in some news stories and headlines. Here are some that really caught my attention.

Woman gets Probation For Raccoon

Minnesota Family Turns Deer Stand into Lefse Drive-thru

2 year old Rescued After Being Swallowed By Hippo

And my recent favorite from the Fargo Forum about a young woman from Moorhead.

After Beating Cancer, Moorhead High Alum Achieved Life Long Dream of Becoming A Professional Wrestler

What are some notable news headlines you have noticed lately? What kind of reporter would you want to be? What stories would you like to cover?

39 thoughts on “Good News”

  1. Sending the lefse one to several relatives!

    Headlines – there have been some doozie’s lately – just scroll through any news feed that comes up on your internet provider… I’ll post some later if there’s a standout.

    I would want to cover stuff like CBS Sunday Morning does – people being kind to other people, going out of their way to do something lasting that will benefit others.

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  2. i am a fan of cbs sunday morning also
    channel 4 the cbs affiliate added a sunday morning minneapolis edition every sunday for an hour before the national show . i love it
    i ran into susan elizabeth little field , the anchor of the show and when i recognized her walk up to an elevator i was coming out of i enthusiastically told her how much i loved her new show and wanted to thank her for her wonderful presentation. she was appreciative and told me to send possible news stories
    i’ve sent a couple
    krista tippet of on being the recently transitioning radio show/bog/podcast recently had a book published where she wondered if a newscast/podcast would be viable acknowledging common views that positive news has a very different untested appeal than the regular big news of current newscasts where tragedy fear and horror reign supreme. i would love to see her go for it. i will encourage her

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  3. Funny collision of my worlds — friend of mine give me lefse two days ago and I had it for breakfast this morning.

    I don’t think I’d be a good reporter. Getting in peoples faces just doesn’t seem like the right thing And I certainly would probably have problems with any news agency that I worked for because I am appalled at how headlines are written, including the one about the child being swallowed by the hippo. I wouldn’t say having a half a child in your mouth is the same as having swallowed a child , but that headline probably got more people to read the story than my headline would have.

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    1. I had the same reaction to the headline about the child “swallowed” by the hippo. Now I’m wondering if the early headline of Jonas being “swallowed” by the whale was an exaggeration as well.

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  4. I can make about 60 sheets of lefse from 10 lbs of potatoes. The woman in the deer stand article cooked up 300 lbs of potatoes. That is a lot of ricing and rolling.

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  5. I haven’t had good, homemade lefse in years. I don’t buy the grocery store lefse. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not lefse. I really miss good lefse. I saw the same story about the couple making lefse and selling it out of their deer stand. I almost drove to Park Rapids.

    The George Santos story is just incredible, isn’t it? Why are people so willing to allow liars and criminals to represent them in government? Is our national divide so deep that it doesn’t matter what crime someone has committed, as long as they are on the right side?

    There have been a lot of bizarre stories in the news lately but some are so frustrating that I stop watching or listening. I need to get myself into a more positive frame of mind and I can’t do it with current events announcing themselves around me all the time. So this morning I went for a walk, practiced my flute, re-started learning Spanish on Babbel, and next I will practice my tenor ukulele. I’ve joined a ukulele group and three of the members play baritone ukulele. I also play baritone ukulele (it’s the same as playing a guitar) so I thought there should be some differentiation. I can also play mandolin in this group so that’s an option too.

    I’ll think of a news story.

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  6. remember when pay paulson ran for president on the smothers brothers?
    i think if jon stewart
    stephen colbert or trevor noah ran today they’d do amazingly well
    bad news alarmists get a huge following of anti gay mexican chinese tax religious muslim trans guns don’t forget blacks and jews and catholics
    sound the alarm say liberals are going to destroy america and gas prices the price of cars eggs houses are all much higher so it’s for me because i have proof it’s the other guys fault and his people support whatever you’re against
    vote for me

    i could run huh?

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      1. I’m up for election on the townboard in March of 2023. Filing period opens next week and it will cost me $2 if I choose to run again. 🙂
        But I sure wouldn’t want any bigger office than this.

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    1. Pat Paulsen announced his candidacy during my Freshman year at SIU. I remember the instructor of my Freshman English class telling us that he was pretty dismayed when he learned that a lot of his fans were actually planning on wasting their votes on him, so he publicly urged people not to do that.

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  7. Apparently there has been a viral spat between some misogynistic guy named Tate and Greta Thunberg. He boasted to her about how many cars he has and their “enormous emissions”. He asked for her email address and she posted an address that I won’t repeat here. Funny though. Thunberg 1, Twit 0.

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  8. Back to the lefse questions – when I made ours, after taking it off the griddle, we just let it dry, cut or broke the circles in half, and stored them between sheets of wax paper, stacked carefully in a large shoe box, or something similar. They kept that way for the season.

    When ready to use, we would run each piece under cold water for a couple of minutes, and soften them for maybe an hour between the sheets of wax paper.
    Our recipe, however, did not contain potatoes, don’t know if that makes this method impossible…

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  9. If I were a reporter, I would likely be someone interested in the every day stories of the humans I encounter: like Humans of New York, but longer form (his recent series on one of the Macy’s Santas is charming:

    I have dabbled in podcasting, talking to my fellow local tech folks – it is fun to have a platform, however small, to ask a question or two and let people just tell you about what makes them enjoy their work or why they decided that was a problem to solve or… I am certainly no Terry Gross, but I have aspirations. 🙂

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  10. One of the many things I appreciate about Baboons, is that although we all hold relatively strong political beliefs, none of us proposed news headlines about the demise of political people we loathe.

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    1. The Seattle Times ran a contest a couple of years ago challenging readers to write the headlines they’d like to see. The first place went to: “Roll up your sleeves, America: FDA approves disinformation vaccine”.

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