Posing With Dinosaurs

As you all know, YA and I travel pretty well together.  For the most part we like to do the same things, we are usually on the same page where restaurants are concerned and we’re both flexible about things that pop up or that change.

When we were planning our Hawaii trip, she was really interested in a UTV tour on Oahu.  It was on the other side of the mountain from Honolulu and took place on a big ranch where Hollywood likes to film.  In particular Jurassic Park and Jurassic World had scenes filmed there.  I’m not a big UTV fan.  First off, I don’t care for the driving; usually it’s rough terrain and I end up going pretty slow.  This either ticks off anybody in line behind me or ticks off the “sag” driver if I’m at the end.  But I also don’t feel all that safe with anybody else driving either – due to the rough terrain.  YA was pretty insistent so after getting her promise that she would drive the whole tour, I acquiesced. 

It was a gorgeous day and although it was rainy on the mountain road, once we got past that, the sun was shining and it was nice and warm.  The ranch owners are smart cookies.  In the 70s, when beef production fell, they started dipping their toes into the tourist industry.  But they never abandoned the cattle so when pandemic hit and tourism tanked, they stayed afloat on their beef business.  Today the tourism is back and they run a slick show with all kinds of different activities. 

The most fun part for me was that it was another of those days when YA lets me take pictures!  The header photo is of us in front of the UTV.  (The dino is thanks for a hand puppet – very clever.)  Then she let me take a photo in her driving gear:

And then there was another treat… she was willing to pose with a dinosaur at another stop where they have a few Jurassic props.

Honestly if I could figure out how the stars align for the few times she allows photos, I’d be in heaven!

Have you watched the Jurassic franchise?  Did you like any of them?

21 thoughts on “Posing With Dinosaurs”

  1. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I saw and enjoyed the first Jurassic Park, but after that the sequels (and most sequels) did not interest me a it. Many sequels just represent a lack of creativity, as well as the Hollywood financial people being unwilling to take risks, or to create a less financially risky system where people can take creative risks (for example Robert Redford created his Sundance Film Festival as a way for small productions to gain attention).

    I am looking forward to watching Tom Hanks in a Man Called Otto. I enjoyed the book. The clip playing in which he is teaching female lead to drive and she hits a car,, followed by his comment, “Don’t worry. It’s a hybrid” cracks me up every time.

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  2. my wife is one who has movies she watches over and over
    i do too to a point but she’s possessed about jaws harry potter close encounters jurasick park and numerous others along with tv series cop shows like law and order

    i’m that way with singing in the rain caboret treasure of the sierra madre maltese falcon casablanca and other classics along with any the brave and dick van dyke i can watch forever and we share wheel of fortune family furs and the price is right brains so life will be good if i ever get to sit and watch stuff again
    the itv sounds like a blast . i’d love that
    photos are so wonderful this time of humanity when i was a teen i spent lots of money time and energy on cameras film developing in my dark room and going out to shoot outdoor nature and people scenes
    my friend craig blacklock got rave reviews for his new photo book all about making outdoor nature look like an abstract expressionist work i love it
    cousin dan has been doing that with outdoor scenes on canvas for 20 years
    he getting huge recognition out of his fargo studio and has commissions to last years and his health is off so it feels like work now
    i told him to book 1 a month and charge appropriate as the market will bear prices and go to his own desire for other work tha makes his soul right
    key to life is having your soul right
    figure out yas soul and you got it

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        1. One of our indoor walking places is Somsen Hall on Winona State campus, because on the main and lower levels, the walls are lined with a photo exhibit by (usually) Craig Blacklock and now (temporarily), Jim Brandenberg.

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  3. I have never seen any of the Jurassic movies. Our grandson loves dinosaurs, and plays out elaborate scenarios of all his dinos getting hit by asteroids.

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  4. I’m not actually sure which one I’ve seen. It was one later in the franchise and as if the premise of Jurassic Park isn’t wild enough, the premise of the one I saw was even more unbelievable. But it makes me realize that I’ve never read the book. The couple of things I have read by Michael Crichton, I’ve really enjoyed, so I’m wondering if maybe the book may be more fun than the movie was. I’ll have to give it a try.

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  5. I’ve only seen the first one, I think.
    My oldest granddaughter has been obsessed with dinosaurs since she could talk. She has shelves of books with the latest findings and conjectures about dinosaurs and early non-dino reptiles. She has been on a dig in South Dakota and subscribes to a podcast called I Know Dino. She is, in other words, a dinosaur purist and can’t bear to watch the Jurassic Park franchise because of the liberties and inaccuracies the filmmakers allow.
    I had no Idea that the franchise extended beyond the original and a sequel. What else is there to say and do?

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  6. I didn’t see any of the Jurassic Park movies.

    I’m so old that dinosaurs weren’t a thing when I was a kid, or if they were, I somehow didn’t hear or learn about them! Your average five year old probably knows more about them than I do. I have, of course, seen skeletons of them at various museums, and if I had kids, I probably would have taken a lot more interest in them, but as it is, I have never really felt compelled to learn a lot about them. Probably a character flaw on my part, but there you have it.

    I do like some actions films though. Raiders of the Lost Arc was one.

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  7. The Science Museum in St. Paul has an impressive exhibit of various dinosaurs. It’s one of my favorite museums, and have had a membership for many years. A great place to spend a day when the weather is miserable. Actually, it is, even when the weather is good. I imagine that most local baboons are familiar with it.

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    1. I’m pretty sure I saw the first movie, but it was a long time ago and I don’t remember that much about it. Maybe I’ll get it from the library – it will probably be like seeing it for the first time.

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