Safe From Marauding Trees

Guinevere is not a guard dog, despite her desire to be one.  When I spend time downstairs, especially if I’m hanging out on the sofa, she feels the needs to watch out the windows and alert me to the existence of dangerous dogs walking by the house, mutant squirrels touching any of our trees or bushes and any other life-threatening happenings out front.

So it wasn’t a surprise when she reacted to some tree work going on across the street.  It was fascinating; they had one of those big cherry pickers that had to anchored on both sides, two other big trucks on the street (which made the snow emergency a little tricky) and six guys that I could count, mostly up in the tree.  For a bit I was thinking they were taking the tree down with all that equipment and all those workers but it wasn’t an elm and otherwise had appeared to be fine.  After a couple of hours it was clear that they were just pruning and trimming.  The project lost a little luster for me at that point. 

But then I looked about a bit later and saw the strangest sight.  They had dragged all the bigger branches away to the chipper and were cleaning up…. using rakes!  Obviously rakes were the correct tool but you just don’t expect to see anyone raking during a snow emergency, the day after 10+ inches to snow.  (I know the picture isn’t great… I wanted to make sure that you could see that it was actually a rake.)

How can you identify a dogwood tree?  (All bad tree jokes and puns welcome!)

46 thoughts on “Safe From Marauding Trees”

  1. Our dog is distressed by the audacity of the carpenters and other workmen returning to actually finish the bathrooms this week. The project should have taken three weeks. We are coming up on three months of this. Yesterday the new flooring was installed. Today another entity is coming to install the new vanity and linen cupboard in the master bathroom. Tomorrow or Friday the carpenters return to install the towel bars and do a few other finishing things, THEN the plumber and electrician come to i stall the lights, set the toilets, install the new faucets, and turn on the water.

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    1. The HVAC project at one of the theaters was told 24 weeks to get a roof top unit (RTU). We started in August with ductwork. This week they’ve installed a rooftop ladder access, and some roof top beams, but the RTU they expect in March. I’m just hoping before we need AC.

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  2. How much dog could a dogwood wood if a dogwood could wood dog?

    *Sorry, it’s way too early for me to come up with anything better.*

    Chris in Owatonna
    (And yes, it’s faithful to the original tongue twister. Although the more (logical (and mellifluous) version is” How much would could a dogwood dog if a dogwood could dog wood?)

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  3. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    Willow. Dogwood is a willow. I know a lot of dogs named Willow, especially at the dog park.

    That is it for me today. Maybe something funny will pop up later

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  4. Oddly enough, before I left this morning for meetings, Winona’s tree trimming crew was out front, shearing off the bottommost branches of our boulevard oak tree. He said it was partly because of how the snow plows have to veer to center to avoid said branches, AND they can’t trim oak trees in the summer, so they do it now. No big equipment here – just a hand saw and a pick-up truck to throw it in…

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  5. tree trimming is such an adventure
    because they are everywhere they are taken for granted but when you try messing with them it’s a thing

    lots of good tree trimming stories

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      1. I have the scene of tim in his flip-flops on that ladder with a chainsaw in his hand. It’s seared into my memory.


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