Zoo Buddies

YA and I can’t go anywhere without seeking out the closest zoo or animal park (or both).  We were both actually surprised that there is a zoo in Honolulu.  When we were deciding on a hotel, we had several places marked on a map and while we didn’t choose Waikiki due to its proximity to the zoo, it certainly didn’t hurt that it was walking distance from our hotel.

It was bigger than I was expecting considering its prime location right off the beach and had a bigger variety of animals that I was expecting as well.  It was a quiet day when we were there so no jostling and every docent was all ours. 

There were three giraffes and one zebra together in a large savannah-like enclosure.  I asked the docent whey the two breeds were together; zebras have a reputation for not getting along with anybody else, including members of their own species and troop.  The docent told me that the larger/older giraffe was named Squirt and the zebra was named Mr. Z.  Apparently they had been housed together for many years until just recently when the two younger giraffes were introduced.  Mr. Z has access to his own space and sleeping area at all time but he prefers to hang out with Squirt and even sleeps with him.  The docent also told me that although Squirt seems to enjoy having the two younger giraffes arounds, he still prefers the company of his zebra pal.  The zoo considers them a bonded pair.

I love hearing stories like this so it was great to have the docent all to myself for a bit.  Of course, I got a rare YA photo that morning as well so it turned out to be a fabulous morning.

Do you have any “must dos” when you travel or when you have out of town visitors?

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  1. Museum of Spiritual Art & Fine Art Gallery
    (937) 557-3444

    Art museums are important to me. Maybe because stick figures are the best I can do.
    Franklin has fine murals on half a dozen buildings and this museum above which is half a block from my apartment. It’s owned by my landlord’s family so in a small way, I fund it.

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  2. We gravitate toward museums, used bookstores, botanical gardens and fiber-related objectives, including quilt exhibits, woolen mills, yarn stores and fiber fairs. Those destinations are often the whole reason for the trip.

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  3. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    When I am here in town, I like to take people to the Mill City Museum because it gives the history of Minneapolis/St. Paul and the milling industry. Plus the Guthrie is right there, as is the Mississippi River, so you get a trio of Minneapolis must sees. The museum also works for all ages—cooks love the Betty Crocker exhibits, kids love the interactive exhibits, and men love the history of industry explosions. There is something for everyone. The MN Landscape Arboretum is another place we frequently take people. They leave that gobsmacked by Botany.

    In Phoenix I love to take people to two places:

    1. The Musical Instrument Museum in North Phoenix. They have marvelous exhibits, special exhibits, and concerts.
    2. Basha’s art museum in Chandler, a suburb of Phoenix. Mr. Basha was a grocer who established grocery stores on the Indian Reservations of Arizona to end the food desert there. he began to trade for Native art pieces, then became a buyer. This collection is vast and fabulous. And.It.Is.Free. Best deal ever.

    When I travel I visit art museums. Poor Lou can only take it for so long, then he is off to the local sites that feature Not Art.

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  4. – The Minn. Marine Art Museum, which has changed a lot in the past year – I’ll hopefully write more later about that.
    – Garvin Heights overlook on the Mississippi.
    – Levee Park, also right on the Mississippi. but downtown.

    And acrossthe river into Wisconsin:
    – Kinstone (a megalithic garden you wouldn’t expect to find in the midwest) https://www.kinstonecircle.com/plan-your-visit/
    I really should do a blog post about this place
    – Upper Miss. wildlife refuge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upper_Mississippi_River_National_Wildlife_and_Fish_Refuge

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    1. I have driven through Winona numerous times over the years, but to the best of my recollection haven’t spent much time there. I was surprised recently to see some photos from the Minnesota Marine Art Museum and it looked like it might be worth a visit. Now that I have access to BiR and Michael as local guides, I’ll make a point of scheduling some time there next time in that neck of the woods.

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  5. Whenever certain friends visit from out of state, we go over to Nicollet Island and walk around. Right across the river from downtown, it’s one of the oldest parts of the city and change has happened slowly owing to the fact that the island is Minneapolis park property. The homeowners don’t own the land and it’s off limits to developers. To me it feels like Brigadoon.

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  6. I grew up mostly in the St. Louis area. Everyone who came to visit from out of town had to go up in The Arch. As a result I think I’ve been up in The Arch 15 or 16 times.

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  7. The one place that every visitor I’ve had from out of town has most likely been shown is the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. I used to love that place, though changes in recent years haven’t all been for the better, in my opinion. Other favorite places are Hmong Town, The Science Museum, The Minnesota History Center, Fort Snelling and Minnehaha Falls, The James J Hill Mansion, The State Capitol. A drive to Stillwater and Taylor’s Falls would likely also be on the agenda if the visitors were here for an extended stay. I feel fortunate to live in an area with so many resources and beautiful places to visit.

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    1. I agree about the sculpture garden. Removing the banks of trees and the division into “rooms” gives it an entirely different character. I suspect there was a problem with public safety, or the perception of it, with the “hidden” areas produced by the foliage. Still, the openness of the new garden is unappealing to me.

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      1. Funny that you should ask. We had been exploring the area around Taylor’s Falls for years before we discovered the Angel Hill area by accident.

        We had a friend who has a “cabin” in the area – I put “cabin” in quotation marks because it’s more like a lodge with several smaller cottages and a farm house on the property. The first time we went there was for a wedding, and somehow managed to miss the turn off to the “cabin,” and ended up driving through Angel Hill before we realized we had missed it. As it turned out, we had overshot the “cabin” by about 25 miles.

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  8. When I travel places, I am a museum person – art, history, bobble-heads*, whatever. (*I have not yet convinced The Offspring to go with me to the Bobblehead Museum in Milwaukee – and, alas, there will not be time to stop when I drop her back at school in a few days…).

    When folks come here, where we go depends on who I am hosting. On the short list: Minnehaha Falls, MN History Center, MIA, Walker sculpture garden, and all the good ice cream spots (like Milkjam Creamery).

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  9. When visiting a big city for the first time, I like to get a feel for the lay of the land. Sometimes a Greyline bus tour will give me that. Museums, churches, graveyards may be in the mix. Sometimes public parks are a good place to encounter the locals. In most places I don’t really have a must see place. I prefer to do a little research ahead of time so at least I know what there is to look for. I hate it when we drive by a Presidential Library half an hour before it closes simply because we had no idea it was there.

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