The (Not So) Super Bowl

Husband remarked the other day that in the almost 40 years we have been married, we probably only watched the Super Bowl twice, both times at a friend’s house.

Neither of us follow sports, college or professional. In the last few years I have only been glad there was a Super Bowl because it was a good day to have our church annual meeting right after the last morning service. The annual meeting is a tedious affair, especially if there are contentious issues to discuss. People are far more willing to compromise when they want to get home for the pregame show. Things have simmered down over the last 15 years with the deaths of many of the more iconoclastic church members who would get up in arms about important theological issues like being opposed to installing air conditioning even though it would insure that the service committee ladies didn’t swelter in the kitchen while preparing the funeral lunches, and brides didn’t faint in the heat in the sanctuary during summer weddings.

When I was a girl we would usually go to my paternal grandparents’ home when there were important games to watch on TV. I always enjoyed listening to my dad and his brother, both high school and college sports officials, call penalties before the TV officials would. Our plans for this Sunday are to sing in the church choir and head home to take naps. Salmon and mussel stew with harissa are on the menu. The annual meeting was two weeks ago. Life is good.

How will you spend Super Bowl Sunday? What are your favorite things to eat when you watch the Super Bowl? Any meetings you dread having to attend?

40 thoughts on “The (Not So) Super Bowl”

  1. Our church’s annual meeting was held two Sundays ago, The reports are endless, and there are no debates. The one controversy was when a member 100 years old (literally) expressed the opinion , “now that the Supreme Court has spoken, we can take down the rainbow flag on the front of the building and stop proclaiming that we are LGBTQ+ affirming.”

    As for the super bowl, “yawn”, I’ll take a nap.

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    1. I find it admirable that a 100 year old person is still informed about what the Supreme Court is up to, and interesting that at that age they still care about that particular issue.

      My 88 year old friend, Anne, tries very hard to live up to the “liberal Democrat” mantle she wears, but her disapproval of, and discomfort with, a lot of “progressive” issues shines through that facade regularly.

      I’m assuming that your 100 year old member didn’t prevail?

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      1. The hundred-year-old member did not make a motion, she simply commented during an “open remarks” part of the agenda. She took the gay, lesbian and allies members of the church by surprise, but this is only ripples in a pond. The flag on the front of the building remains.

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  2. Is the Super Bowl coming up or has it happened?
    No one has ever invited me to a SB party, which is just as well because I am profoundly disinterested but I seldom express that disinterest. Somehow people sense that, maybe because I never talk sports.

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  3. That’s clever about the Annual Meeting timing – I’ll remember that… : ) We have a Board Meeting today that I’m sure will go quickly because people want to get to a Frozen River Film Festival film about wild mustangs… ( )

    We and one other couple are invited to a potluck where a few people will keep track of the game, while the rest talk about and do other stuff – the other women are knitters and weavers, and we could end up discussing church stuff, as we’re all Unitarians. I love cheesy appetizers, and Dot’s Pretzels.

    Only meeting I’m a bit apprehensive about these days is choir practice.

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  4. Morning! I watch the game, but only for the commercials, and of course, the half time show. Which, by the middle of the week, all the lighting technical people will have the full set up and detailed specs on FB and YT. I haven’t liked the performers in the last 15 years — meaning it’s just not my type of music anymore. So it’s fun to follow along on the production pages and read their critiques of the performance.
    But the commercials are usually fun.

    Never been to an actual SB party. And while Kelly will make a bowl of popcorn to watch the Vikings, not sure we’ll do anything special beyond that. And this year, some work people invited us to come watch them play hockey ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. My first thought was ‘what are they thinking??’ But they’re pretty fun, and we may do dinner out with them after their game.
    Because the halftime show and commercials will be out there next week.

    I have to attend a retreat this Saturday. Uuuughhhh. Hate retreats. Kelly is going too, even though she technically doesn’t have too. I said why would you if you didn’t have too?? She’s going for the free lunch!

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    1. So I should be more excited about spending six hours Saturday at this combined board meeting / long range planning / talk about our mission statement which will get written down, revised next month, and never looked at again?
      Been there, done that, got the T-shirts.

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    2. A retreat can be fun and truly helpful if everyone is truly interested in progressing as a group. Our retreats at my small consulting group in the 90s were great, and I experienced a lot of growth in those years. I realize they were the exception, rather than the rule, tho’,..

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  5. Football? That’s that kind of oval shaped rusty colored ball with the stitches?

    I have never actually watch the Super Bowl game. I didn’t grow up in a sports oriented family and didn’t grow into a sports oriented person. I do occasionally watch, ice-skating, or gymnastics but it’s almost always in connection with Olympics. And I will watch some other Olympic stuff but it’s not a rabbit interest.

    However, I do pay attention to when Super Bowl is because I spend the day watching Puppy Bowl on The Animal Planet channel.

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        1. They used to have, don’t know if they still do, Wiener dog races at Canterbury Downs. What a hoot!

          Years ago, my late Pablo, a wire-haired doxy, and I participated in the annual Cinco de Mayo parade on the West Side several years. There’s be all of these fancy, colorful floats with musicians, but the little kids along the route would go nuts when the Wiener dog came by. He didn’t even wear a costume!

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  6. I’ve never watched a Super Bowl. Gladiator sports aren’t my thing. I never know when it’s coming until I start hearing about it constantly.

    I’ve often used that time to go places where there are usually lots of other people. If the weather is nice, it’s a great time to go out snowshoeing or hiking or something in a state park. I like shopping during that time too since no one else is doing it. I always see it as my opportunity to go do something I wouldn’t usually do, simply because of too many people.

    On Sunday evenings I usually watch Masterpiece on PBS and crochet.

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  7. I have attended Superbowl Parties in my younger days, but viewed it simply as an opportunity to be together with a bunch of friends. I don’t think any of us were all that interested in the game itself, though I do like watching an occasional game. All the hype around the Super Bowl almost guarantees that you will be disappointed one way or another. I have watched some of the half-time shows on YouTube after the fact, and some of them have been excellent, but mostly it’s not my cup of tea.

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