Crest vs Colgate

Husband and I have an extremely loving relationship, but we have never been able to agree about toothpaste. I find Colgate toothpaste too chalky. He doesn’t like the way my Crest toothpaste tastes like fluoride. Neither of us will change our toothpaste preferences. I guess that is what you might call brand loyalty.

I am the most fussy about food ingredients, so that I try to bake with King Arthur Flour products and cook with this Turkish olive oil we get at the Syrian grocery store in Fargo. We also buy Barilla or De Cecco pasta, organic cream, and Land O Lakes butter.

I wonder if the days of exclusive brand loyalty are over for marketing agencies, or if they still try to make people exclusive Ford purchasers, for example.

What brands are you “loyal” to? What are some “off brands” you would recommend? What kind of toothpaste do you prefer?

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    1. In Scottsdale, Fountain HIlls, and Rio Verde, AZ there are a lot of Maseratis, Lamborghinis, and high end cars I have never even seen before. Who Knew? Our Honda Pilot, which we think of as the height of luxury, is so low end!

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  1. I must say it never occurred to me to care about the flavor of my toothpaste. Talk about first world problems. You’re not eating it, are you? For a while we were buying Tom’s in the fennel flavor but I think now it’s just some iteration of Crest.

    For table use we buy Kerrygold butter and buy less expensive butter for cooking and baking. I wouldn’t call it brand loyalty as much as a distinct taste preference. If any domestic dairy offered comparable butter, especially at a lower price, we’d probably switch. I used to buy Spanish olive oil at Trader Joe’s but now we have been getting Costco olive oil because it gets consistently high ratings.

    Some things, like the Italian sausage I drive into St. Paul to buy at Morellis are a matter of taste preference. No other sausage I’ve tried measures up. I buy the organic free range eggs at the store and organic milk.

    Hard to say how much brand loyalty factors in other people’s minds. Some of it is no doubt a product of experience, good or bad, with certain brands and not a result of marketing. But media is so fragmented that marketing is less influential than it once was. If brand loyalty is still in play anywhere, it’s with cars, I think. People seem to think their cars represent them in a way their refrigerator or their choice of shampoo doesn’t. I don’t understand it personally but it seems to be so.

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  2. Husband is extremely brand loyal to one concept – he calls himself a Cheapanarian, and some of this has rubbed off on me.
    I love a lot of Trader Joe’s products for their taste and quality, and sometimes less packaging like the Irish Breakfast Tea.
    That said, I buy Hellman’s mayonnaise when it’s on sale, and I’m sure I’ll think of others throughout the day.

    I like Yes! canned soups as well as Progresso, and Aldi has some off brand items I like.

    I’ll have to say taste in toothpaste is a thing for me – I tried offbeat flavors like Tom’s fennel, etc., and realized I’m stuck on good old mint like Colgate.

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  3. I am not loyal to any brand of toothpaste, though I do notice the difference of flavors & etc. between them. However, usually enough time passes between purchases that by the time I need to purchase more, I’ve forgotten which one I didn’t like. Last December, while in Taiwan, I made sure to buy two large tubes of one of the local brands from there, and just started the second one last week. I figure that, by early April, I’ll need to get something locally American. However, I’ve forgotten which brand, texture, flavor, etc. to like. It all starts over again.

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  4. I like Colgate Sensitivity toothpaste. I can tolerate Crest in a pinch but I don’t like Sensodyne at all. I tried the Tom’s toothpaste but it wasn’t for me.

    I’m loyal to Spectrum Organic EVOO and Hope Creamery butter. I buy less expensive butter for recipes but that Hope Creamery butter tastes great. I’m also loyal to Organic Valley dairy products. There really is a difference in flavor.

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    1. YES! Hope butter, but only when put on bread or vegetables or mashed potatoes, etc. I don’t use it for sauteeing or frying. For that, I use unsalted whatever’s on sale.

      Pretty much anything at Costco under the Kirkland brand. I guess that qualifies as an off brand. Trader Joe’s natural PB because it tastes good and costs much less than Smucker’s natural.

      Crest more out of inertia than anything, but I guess I don’t like Colgate’s chalkiness either. Pro VI golf balls for tournaments. Food Should Taste Good chips. Tobie’s doughnuts and custard-filled chocolate-covered bismarcks–but only a once- or twice-a-year treat when driving through on my way Up North.

      Toyotas, Revol salad greens (hydroponically grown right here in Owatonna!), Hunt’s tomato paste, Nike Dri-Fit golf shirts, . . .

      That’s enough.

      Chris in Owatonna

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  5. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I prefer Crest and I find my tastebuds rebel at other flavors. For the most part I am with Barb’s husband–I am a Cheapanarian, but then I run into off brands that just do not work. For example, I find Salon Pas Patches very helpful when I have sore muscles. I tried the Target generic brand of those. Those were unworkable and a poor product. I did not do that again.

    We have driven Hondas for years without complications, including the 1988 Honda Accord that lasted through Lou, me, and 2 teenage drivers, 1 of whom became a careless young adult for a period, for a total of 300,000 miles and 3 towings, finally dying at the side of 62 Eastbound. That is one of the few brand loyalties I have.

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    1. I don’t subscribe to cheapness for cheapness’ sake but I am agnostic about heavily marketed brand names and recognize that those brand name products are often more expensive and inferior to the private store brands.

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    2. Kelly is on her third Honda CRV; she loves them. I’m in a jeep, before that had a Ford, prior to that a Chevy. Had a Dodge Truck and a chevy way back when. No brand loyalty there I guess.

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  6. I started using Sensodyne toothpaste years and years ago at the suggestion of my dental hygienist. It helped a lot so I have pretty much stuck with it. Though now I get samples of Crest at my checkups and use those for travel. Food-wise, I have tried a number of different “off” brands, some of which I like, some are OK, and some are awful. The only real loyalty I have is for Kemps milk. My non-food loyalty was to Saturn for cars and I was very unhappy when they were driven out of business (no pun intended). So far I like my Honda and may develop a loyalty to that.

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  7. First and foremost, John Deere. Although I’ve had a Deutz tractor, and some other brand implements, I always come back to John Deere. Mostly because of resale value.

    If I find a salesman I like, I will really stick with them. And I hate have to find (and we joke, ‘Train’) a new salesman. Don’t try to “sell” me something, and make the process fun. Whether it’s a bed or a car.

    Toothpaste. There are too many mint flavors and I hate mint. So I use Crest Kids ‘Berry Flavor’ toothpaste.
    Power tools I use Milwaukee cordless stuff at home. The college has Makita and Dewalt. All have their pros and cons and then you stick with one battery platform if you can.

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  8. I can’t think of a brand that I’m loyal to, but I can think of a couple that I try to avoid due to corporate politics. Not that I think I personally am having much of an impact, but at least I’m doing my part.

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  9. My uncle was a dentist, and he decreed that Crest only should be used which my mother faithfully agreed to. When I moved away from home, the first thing I did was go buy something else. I bought Aqua Fresh because it was pretty (those colored stripes!) And I have more or less stuck with it since, unless I can’t find it or if I really needed to save some money.

    Overall, I’m not particularly stuck on many brands. If I’m standing in the store and I see a well-known brand next to a more generic with different pricing, my first thought is, I am paying for that marketing and advertising.

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  10. I had a tube of some kind of orange citrus toothpaste once. At first I thought it sounded like a weird flavor for toothpaste, but I liked it quite a bit. Never found it again though. I’m not very fussy about toothpaste.

    I love Snappy Dog pineapple salsa, but it’s very hard to find.

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  11. I’m a ford guy on trucks
    toyota on cars
    philadelphia cream cheese
    martin and alverez acoustic
    gibson fender electric and gretch
    hohner harmonica
    davison tea amazon
    san pelligrino bubble water
    aldi kettle chips
    I recently gave up shampoo and conditioner. Once again, I was without it for 20 years, plugged it back in two or three years ago, and just decided to hell with it I have shed to hell with it on deodorant and toothpaste, for about the last 30 years I do use flash, and I can’t think of the name of the good toothbrush, but that good electric toothbrush is a brand I’d recommend.

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