Saving Time?

I struggle to get in enough exercise – I almost always have – especially in winter.  Stationary biking at the gym and swimming laps is about what I’m up for during the cold months.  Thank goodness for snow shoveling.  At this time of year (the first couple of months after New Year’s resolutions), it’s normally a bit busier at the gym so I never expect to find a close parking spot.  It’s even worse right now because of the snow in the parking lot which has been haphazardly plowed recently.

This isn’t a big deal for me.  By the time I’ve revved myself up to get to the gym, I’m usually in a “it’s some extra steps” frame of mind.  But obviously on Saturday, not everybody was in the mood to get some additional exercise getting from the car to the front door.

What do you have to talk yourself into doing?

25 thoughts on “Saving Time?”

  1. I have to talk myself into shoveling out the cats’ boxes.
    I have to talk myself into the nightly hour of TV drama. I’d rather go without it, but my TV lovin’ spouse likes us sitting together on the couch for that time as she winds down, through drama, from all the TV news she has consumed through the day.

    I enjoy writing the songs found on my blog (, but have to talk myself into making the videos that go with them, or even formatting them for the blog. I think of these two tasks as “monkey work”.

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    1. I do Nimue’s box on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. That seems to be a good schedule for both of us – I do it first thing in the morning or I won’t get back to it later in the day.


    2. Wish I had any kind of help with vice about the TV drama. When I went to visit Nonny after her hospitalization in August, I said to myself a couple of times on the plane on the way down, if I’m there six nights, that means 12 hallmark movies. I can live with 12 hallmark movies if I have to. But 6 to 7 days, I had an end date, not like your dilemma. Hang in there. (and one night we only watched one Hallmark movie so it turned out to only be 11.)

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  2. Anything “techy”. I’ve probably already spoken about how I should be getting a new computer, changing my email address… I hope I can last till summer, when a lot of my weekly time (UU) commitments are on hiatus, and I promise THIS summer I’ll do these.
    And now we’ve bought a new Shop-Vac, and the instructions are vague enough that I’m not sure whether or not I need to use a bag in the canister. Anyone here know? : )

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    1. Morning. Shop vacs usually come with the foam filter and you don’t need a bag. I prefer to use a bag. If you just go with the filter, remember to clean it frequently.


  3. For many many years, I’ve had an appointment with my tax guy the first week of February. But with pandemic, now he sends out a packet, I fill everything out, attach all the papers, put it in an envelope and slip it under the door of his office. Even this year. What this means is that without that appointment, I put it off and put it off and put it off. This year instead of the first week of February, it got done last week.

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  4. Your exercise habits and mine are nearly identical, VS. I really have to force myself to go to FiftyNorth and go swimming! Once I get there, I’m happy and I enjoy it. I’m such a hermit though, just getting out of the house has become a challenge.

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    1. Exactly. Once I’m in the car on the way there I’m almost always happy. Although I will admit that more than once in my life I have been on the way there and stopped to do some other errand and sidetracked myself. So now the rule is if I have other errands that have to happen on a day that I go to the gym I have to go to the gym first. So sad.

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  5. I’ve been trying to finish last years bookwork for three months. And you’d think all this time I had recovering I could have stayed up to date. But it was hard to get at the computer (and the desk and files) with my leg in the air.
    I’m supposed to meet my tax guy Friday. I’ve already postponed to April…

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  6. The weather and the longer darkness in the morning have had an effect on the consistency of our exercise routine. In warmer weather when it’s less treacherous underfoot we would happily be walking daily at one of our favored trails or in the neighborhood. In the winter we use the gym but Robin tends to sleep longer as it stays dark in the morning and that is also my prime time to get in an hour or two of reading. Consequently, by the time Robin is up and I’ve made her coffee and we get ourselves together enough to go to the gym, it feels like an interruption to a day that has already begun.

    I have no problem attending to the usual domestic chores and Robin has traditionally undertaken organizing our records for the tax accountant, so I’m off the hook there.

    Where I have struggled to motivate myself is the notion that I ought to be winnowing down my book collection. I had thought last year I might get a table at the Twin Cities Antiquarian Book Fair and had even started cataloging some of my books in preparation. but when it came down to selecting which of my volumes to cull, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

    I’ve sold boxes of books before and never without some regret sooner or later. Just the presence and promise of my library gives me pleasure but it’s physically and mathematically impossible for me to read them all in my remaining lifetime. I just wish I could predict which ones I wouldn’t miss.

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    1. Yes, esp. the predicting part. We’re having our UU book sale in May, and I know I’m going to let go of something I’ll eventually want. In my case, however, I’d probably be able to replace it fairly easily, which is probably not the case for you, Bill, in a lot of cases.

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