Finally – Pi!!

Some of you probably remember the frantic phone calls and/or emails from me on Friday, March 13, 2020.  It was the week the world turned upside down.  I’d had a few cancels already but didn’t really think having a Pi Day party was a big deal.  Then I spent all of Friday morning reading online articles about the virus, its spread, the possible consequences lurking around the corner and decided I didn’t need to add to the problem.  It really bummed me out as I had already shopped for all the ingredients, set up things in the dining room and even made the placecards. 

Back then I was one of many who thought it would be over by the end of summer. Nobody was really saying pandemic yet.  Thinking I might have a Pi & ½ Day in September, I put the placecards and the list of ingredients in the drawer along with my “which pie goes in the oven at what time and what temperature” spreadsheet.  Of course September was out of the question.  So was March 2021 and even March 2022.

So Pi Day 2023 was easy peasy.  All the upfront planning was done.  And since I am (mostly) retired, I had plenty of time to do some ahead-of-time prep.  I even had the nametags done from 2020.  11 pies (Dutch Apple, Blueberry, Red Velvet Whoopie, Vanilla Crumb, Banofee, Crack, Pecan Dream, PB Crunch, Pear Croustade, Lemon Custard, Berry Cobbler).  I got done in record time. The pie was great and the camaraderie was warm. 

Why should you never start talking to pi at a party?

21 thoughts on “Finally – Pi!!”

      1. I’ve had to sign in for every comment, smartass or otherwise, for at least six months, and I’ve been unable to “like” the blog of the day or any of the comments for that long, too. I no longer feel so special; welcome to the club.

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  1. Rise and Shine Baboons🥧🥧🥧🥧

    Pi (3.14…..) and I do not speak the same language. At least PIE and I do speak fluently one another. Which I displayed last night.

    I am understanding why life felt so flat for the pandemic years. Only recently have my beloved activities returned. And now there will be an in person Master Gardener conference at the Arboretum in June 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊.

    Thanks VS.

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  2. I thought of you sporadically throughout Pi Day, vs, and wondered how many folks would show up for your sweet celebration. I was there in spirit though that didn’t help with the left-over pie situation. I trust you’ll readily find takers for the remains.

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  3. Thank you so much for the Pi Day party and the delicious pies. I tasted the “Crack” pie (it is…), the Pear, and the Lemon. All were delicious. It was really fun to see some of the Baboons there and to catch up. That was the most fun I’ve had all winter! Thanks again, VS!

    Limitless Pi… just imagine! (Now I’m hungry…)

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  4. The Poet’s Occasional Alternative

    I was going to write a poem
    I made a pie instead it took
    about the same amount of time
    of course the pie was a final
    draft a poem would have had some
    distance to go days and weeks and
    much crumpled paper

    the pie already had a talking
    tumbling audience among small
    trucks and a fire engine on
    the kitchen floor

    everybody will like this pie
    it will have apples and cranberries
    dried apricots in it many friends
    will say why in the world did you
    make only one

    this does not happen with poems

    because of unreportable
    sadness I decided to
    settle this morning for a re-
    sponsive eatership I do not
    want to wait a week a year a
    generation for the right
    consumer to come along

    – Grace Paley

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