Grand Travel Plans

We are planning a trip the end of May to visit Husband’s sister and brother-in-law in eastern Wisconsin. We will drive, and will spend about three days there. It is 700 miles one-way from us, so that means one night on the road there and back. I don’t like driving more than 500 miles in a day. We also plan to visit Son and Daughter-in- Law in Brookings on the return trip. We will leave the Tuesday after Memorial Day and return the following Monday.

Husband is a hopeful traveler who likes to make elaborate but unrealistic plans of what we can do while on the road. When we were moving to North Dakota from Indiana after Husband finished his psychology internship, he insisted that we meet up with some Canadian friends of ours who were driving east from Manitoba to Ontario the same days we were driving west. We met up in a campground somewhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It really wasn’t a very direct route, and our visit was extremely short, perhaps an hour or so, but it was really important to Husband that we see our friends.

I don’t know why I was surprised last Monday as we were finalizing our travel plans to Wisconsin that Husband was trying to figure out how we could find a way to visit Baboons in the Twin Cities as well as my third cousin TJ in St. Peter without lengthening our trip. While I would love to visit everyone, the logistics as well as the limited time we have made such plans pretty impossible. I appreciate Husband’s sweet consideration for me and my friends, but sometimes he wants to do too much.

When do you try to do too much? Do you prefer to mosey or get to your destination?

20 thoughts on “Grand Travel Plans”

  1. Amtrak stops 6 places in North Dakota, and goes all the way to the lakeshore in Wisconsin. That would obviate driving at all, and with what you’d save from driving it (at about 60 cents per mile as you build a budget) and the hotel, you could even afford a sleeper car OR rental cars once you get East.

    As the big sign on the station in Denver says, “Take the Train!”

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    1. The train is a good idea, but we would have to catch it in Minot, which is 180 miles from us or Williston, another 90 miles or so on bad roads. We took the train to Oregon once. It was delightful.

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  2. “trying to do too much” should be my middle name. It’s the part of my personality that has become more noticeable since I retired. Quite often I hear this little voice saying “you should…..” I’m getting much better at occasionally ignoring that little voice.

    I often overplan when traveling, a trait I seem to have passed on to YA. We also both like spontaneous “extra” (stop at this historical marker, pull off at an unexpected visitor center) But we’re also both good at recognizing that some days there just isn’t enough time for everything we want to do. Also, YA is good at scheduling in “pool time” or “beach time” if she wants it.

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  3. Oh boy, let me count the ways. This year I got in over my head when I agreed to co-direct our little choir (I do the directing part)… I just learned that our former director will take it back in the fall. YIPPEE!

    I already wear several hats at UU Fellowship, plus I organize a monthly song circle, try to teach occasionally at folk dance, etc. I try to leave a day a week unscheduled, which helps…

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  4. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I loved the haikus yesterday. Thanks VS—really fun.

    Planning too much—most of the time, most of my life. But then, other people tell me they cannot believe how much I get done. So maybe it is OK to want to do so much. I don’t know.

    Renee, my last question is, why not just add an extra day and we can arrange a Baboon gathering? Is there a time limit here?

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  5. I love to wander. Even around here I’ll take the ‘scenic route’ when I can. This street instead of the that usual street. There’s been a few times I needed Google to find my way back out of a development…

    I had planned an elaborate trip to South Carolina once. It included a few extra stops and Kelly had to remind me, she only had a few days off work. That darn work gets in the way of our recreational life.

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  6. We really overcooked when daughter was home, but now we don’t have to cook for a week or more. We have decided there will be no special Easter dinner, just eating out of the freezer.

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  7. I like to get to my destination but leave time to mosey a little. If there’s things on the way worth seeing and we have time then I’ll make the stop. If we’re driving to a national park and there’s another along the way, that may have to be its own trip. It’s great to break up long drives and get out of the car for at least an hour.


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