Holiday Over-Do?

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One of Renee’s questions yesterday struck a chord with me.  I am definitely a “bite off too much” kind of person.  And before everybody says “you need to learn to say no” – all of my biting off too much is self-imposed.  I’m actually pretty good at saying no to someone other than myself!

Case in point.  With Easter just a week away, I have a lot of plans.  The big event is on next Saturday, the World’s Most Over-Engineered Egg Hunt.  For that we are taking taco tortilla roll-ups (or pinwheels) and blondies w/ M&M eggs for the buffet.  Then I’m also making pastel eggs filled with jelly beans and marshmallows for the kids.  Did I mention there are 13 of them?  And then a couple of dozen plastic eggs filled w/ candy to add to the hunt.

For my co-workers I’m doing dipped Oreos w/ spring-y sprinkles (1 chocolate and 1 golden per co-worker).  These will be packaged in little cello bags and delivered with miniature Happy Spring notes.  I figure as long as I’m still officially part of the team, no matter how part-time or temporary, it’s still a nice thing to do.

For the neighbor kids I’m doing lemon bunny cakes.  I have a wonderful bunny pan that I bought a few years ago and I just love it.  And it’s easy.  Batter into pan.  Bake.  Bunnies into cello bags with pretty ribbon.  Voila!

Of course, I will also do a basket for YA – this will be a challenge because YA has said she only wants chocolate/pb items in the basket.  I normally can’t hold myself to these kind of requests.  We’ll see.   I have extra eggs for dying.  Again this is something that YA says we don’t need to do but she always joins in when I have the eggs and dye and glitter out. She always happily eats the devilled eggs that eventually come out of this project.

AND, I am making sugar cookies for a friend – I always do this for her and this gives me an excuse to make a few spring cookies for YA and myself.

This is enough projects that I’ve put the various things on my to-do list for next week.  When I think about the fact that I’m only working 3-4 hours a day, it doesn’t seem that daunting.

Any special plans you’re prepping for in the next week?

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      1. This particular friend pays for her cookies because they’re fancy and have individual names on them, if that makes a difference. However, I do cookies a lot throughout the year so it’s probable you could be the recipient of cookies one of these days.

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    1. The over engineered egg hunt place takes place at my friends, alan and julie‘s house. With their three kids, three son-in-law‘s and 13 grandchildren.

      The Bunny pan is a Nordicware item, and it bakes six bunnies at a time. Each of the bunnies is a little different from the others in terms of how they’re sitting or how their head is turned or how their ears are lying. It’s very cute.

      I’m hoping that cheap easy treats aren’t the main reasons they wanted me back. But you never know.

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  1. In the next week, prepping for:
    – the band to sing a couple of new songs for UU service
    – a choir number we’re working on for mid-April and have only one more practice
    – not much prep, but: 3-6 of us get together, bring our own lunches most Fridays. My house is the centrally located one, so I host in the winter; we go to the lake in good weather. Prep consists of making coffee and re-arranging the living room.

    My one nod to Easter is the three packages of Cadbury’s mini-eggs I’ve bought… reminds me I should get one out before the lunch group arrives.

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  2. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I don’t have any special plans. Easter has never been a holiday that I connected to in any way. I find that I am apathetic about it. My greatest Easter pleasure is watching little kids running around Christian church yards hunting for eggs in a centuries old pagan ritual. Sometimes I buy myself a small chocolate Easter Bunny after the day when they go on sale. WooHoo.

    If the snow subsides to a point that I can actually a get to my cold frame, I will engage in the ancient fertility ritual of planting a few seeds after I refill the cold frame with dirt. After the heavy rain last night it looks like the old snow has melted enough to be able to stand near the cold frame without freezing my feet. That is if I wear my wader boots to stomp through the snow to get there.

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  3. I’ve been thinking about painting for a long time. I’ve hired a local woman to do it (I’m terrible at painting) and she will start at 8 a.m. on April 10. I have until then to move everything out of the main floor of my condo, shove the furniture into the middle of the room and cover it, and patch the walls. That would be easy to get done if I wasn’t going to Grand Marais, actually Croftville, next week. I will be moseying up Highway 61 on Wednesday and zooming back on Saturday. That means I will have to have most of the painting preparation done by Tuesday because there’s a homeowners association meeting on Tuesday and I must go. So right now it’s a little busy around here.

    I joined a ukulele choir at FiftyNorth and it’s fun but I keep missing the Wednesday sessions and I will have to miss it again next week.

    Going to see Dessa at Shattuck Newhall Auditorium in Faribault tonight. Wish me luck on the weather and the roads.

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      1. Sandy turned 83 on Monday. More by coincidence she got a new lift chair. Old one was sort of broken down and uncomfortable. New one is very plush and comfortable. Also on Monday Got her own new wheelchair with special comfort seat and back, which she also loves. I had to buy her a new walker for PT. Brakes on old one I could not make work anymore. She does not like the PT but needs it. Today Mr. Tuxedo turns 18. One performance of his last play is canceled by the blizzard tonight. His sister is thriving at SDSU. In band and choir despite being in neither in senior high. I now have glaucoma despite having almost low pressure in my eyes. Very poor close vision. Driving vision is fine. Severe migraines much of the time. Left wrist is often useless. Lumbar and neck are awful. I am trying to find a house cleaner but online is impossible. My PT, 4-5 hours a day with Sandra, finances and paperwork, cooking and shopping, housecleaning—not enough time left for a nap or myself. I do have a flock of wild turkeys who spend much of the day in my yard, 3 toms and 5-9 hens. They clean up under the feeders, which I was going to quit until they appeared. PT just came in. Time to help them with Sandra.

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  4. Hey! I haven’t been around much…sorry. Got laid off from my job. (Don’t feel badly…I don’t.) Been helping out my parents with taking them to medical appointments, doing stuff around their place in the retirement home, etc. Been doing more work for KFAI. And the Minnesota Comic Book Assn decided to re-form and they’ve tapped me to help out there too. So, I’ve got 3, essentially, full-time jobs now. Of course, none of them pay…but I’m also busy being Bri’s ‘cabana boy’ and doing stuff around the house too. Speaking of KFAI, tonight will be my annual April Fool’s show. I’ll be playing a lot of our favorites from The Late Great Morning Show and other goofy, silly, fun songs and comedy bits. Tune in to The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic tonight at 8pm on 90.3 in the Cities or livestream at Hot frogs will be on the loose!

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  5. OT – Just finished listening to The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic, so haven’t been paying attention to what the weather is doing. Just looked outside, and it’s a winter wonderland once again. It IS beautiful, but I’ve had enough already. Praying to the weather gods to show a little mercy, I think we could all use it right about now.

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    1. Bri and I spun out only once on the way home. Managed to recover without incident. Made it home but a dicey trip. Hope folks enjoyed the show.

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  6. OT – Don’t know if anyone was watching the broadcast this evening of The Library Of Congress Gershwin Prize For Popular Song awarded to Joni Mitchell. If you missed it, and would like to see it, it is streaming on tpt. I’m a huge Joni Mitchell fan, so I’m biased, but I thought this was a terrific line-up, and very moving tribute.

    Here’s the set list:
    Setlist :

    1. CAREY – Marcus Mumford – w/Lucius & Brandi Carlile
    2. BOTH SIDES NOW – Annie Lennox w/Larry Klein
    3. HELP ME – Angelique Kidjo, w/Brandi And Lucius
    4. CALIFORNIA – James Taylor
    5. SHINE – Brandi, w/Herbie Hancock & Ledisi
    6. BIG YELLOW TAXi – Ledisi, Brandi, Angelique, Cyndi Lauper, Annie, Lucius & Joni
    7. BLUE – Cyndi Lauper
    8. CASE OF YOU – Graham Nash, Shane Fontayne & James Raymond
    9. RIVER – Herbie Hancock, Mark Isham & Ledisi
    10. FOR THE ROSES – Diana Krall
    11. AWARD PRESENTATION – Librarian of Congress, Carla D Hayden
    12. SUMMERTIME – Joni
    13. THE CIRCLE GAME – Joni And All Performers

    Musicians :
    Greg Phillinganes – Music Producer, Keyboards
    Greg Leisz – Electric Guitar & Pedal Steel Guitar
    Mark Isham – Trumpet
    Larry Klein – Bass
    Brian Blade – Drums
    Marcus Mumford – Percussion
    Blake Mills – Guitar
    Celisse – Guitar

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