Wee Willie

Sad news about Harry Belafonte last week.  Not quite so sad (to me anyway) about Jerry Springer’s passing.  As I was looking up Harry Belafonte, I also saw the Wee Willie Harris also died last week.  I had never actually heard of Wee Willie, but he caught my eye because on the list he came up as “Wee Willie Harris, 90, English rock and roll star”.  It was quite dismaying to think that a rock and roll star could be 90.  That makes me feel SO old.

Wee Willie was born Charles Williams Harris and he was popular on British tv during the 50s.  He was known as “Britain’s wild man of rock and roll”.

I found some fun clips.  Here is one song I like.

This one is a fun visual of the man himself. 

I can see why he got the wild man moniker!

Any other artists/musicians who seem to have been around forever?

47 thoughts on “Wee Willie”

  1. There are many who have already slipped into extinction but a few I remember from my college days in the late ‘60s who are still, remarkably, performing— Taj Mahal, Ry Cooder, Jorma Kaukonen, Paul Simon.

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  2. I’m surprised The Rolling Stones are still at it. I mean Keith Richards??
    All my teenage music idols have passed or don’t sing like they used too.
    Pete Townshend is holding his own. Roger Daltry isn’t the same. Rush lost Neil Peart.

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  3. Tony Bennett–although I doubt he’s doing much singing since his last special with Lady Gaga (which was fantastic, btw!) Dementia got him, so I expect he won’t live much longer. But he’ll always be my second favorite male singer after Sinatra. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

    Chris in Owatonna

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      1. Went to see Mel Torme in Chicago back in the ’90s. Terrific show. Had close-up seats. The lighting was such that I remember seeing tiny droplets of spit fly out of his mouth as he sang.


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        1. saw tony bennett in the 80s
          those might have been his best years
          saw duke and count and mink and mingus at a series at the guthrie early 70s just before they all left us
          i wonder how dylan will come out of the pandemic
          after performing steady since mid 80s i heard he wasn’t comfortable at home he liked the road but like when you get up from sitting too long your back hurts … sitting for 2+ years your whole body is rusty
          hope he comes back cranked

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        2. tim,

          We might have been at the same Count Basie concert at the Guthrie back in the 70s. I thought it was the late 70s, but it’s been almost 50 freakin’ years. Who can keep track of every little thing? 😉



  4. My teaching colleagues are dying rapidly, but we are at that age.
    I am not a tracker of music performers, but Gordon Lightfoot I have followed through the years. Bill’s comment about 1910 to 70 is a stunner. Many of the huuuuuge stars I have lost interest in, but I struggle to find music to listen to. Sandy does not want to listen to music. Nancy Griffith and M C Carpenter are fine for me when I walk. Chants and choral music also are good for walking especially in the woods, if I get to do walk there again.

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        1. It looks to be a stretch of Highway 74 in Arizona. Gordon Lightfoot sang about it.


        2. Yes, as Renee says. It was called that and it triggered the title of the song, one of hid bigger hits.

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  5. look up vegAs and branson mo the see the oldie headliners
    how about smokey robinson
    i saw that arlo came out of retirement
    heard donavan see o under the same but he didn’t have much in his prine

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  6. Tom Waits, Neil Young, and John Sebastian are still around. Emmylou Harris. Linda Ronstadt, although she doesn’t sing anymore. Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Rod Stewart.

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