Getting to Know You

Today’s post comes to us from Jacque!

Baboons, meet Phoebe our Corgi puppy.   We are getting to know her. Corgi puppies are reputed to be terrors, and that would be true of this puppy.  She is now 9 weeks old.   Ever curious, she gets into all possible crevices and  under and behind furniture.  Her little hind end is really cute sticking out of whatever trouble she has just found. When I let her come outside with me to “help” me garden, she discovered digging.  She also appears to be a food-driven dog, stealing Bootsy’s food at every opportunity.  She is smart.  She is learning to ring the dog bells at the front door, and already gets that anytime she is outdoors, she should do her potty duty. 

The morning frenzy is a challenge.  When I get up in the morning she wants to be fed, to be petted and cuddled, sit on my lap, bark and yip.  And bite.  This dog’s baby teeth are razor sharp resulting in little cuts and abrasions on our hands.  A short walk down the block and back seems to help a lot.

Bootsy, the elder Corgi, seems to have recovered from the deep offense of this puppy moving in, graduating to sniffing and stealing the puppy’s chew bones, then hoarding them on the couch.  At least I know where to find them.  She also makes forays into the dog bed we acquired for Phoebe.  Bootsy had her own which she snubbed for years.  She is making friends with the puppy.

She is fun and challenging in the manner of puppies.  The neighbors are noticing her and come to play and admire Phoebe, too.

Who are you getting to know lately?

40 thoughts on “Getting to Know You”

  1. Sean is our new neighbor. He’s an music video producer. He took the really large apartment and now it’s getting filled with post production equipment. His full studio is down the block l. Apparently he likes to bring his work home. So far not much volume and not many visitors. The mold of sex, drugs and rock n roll might be broken. Good.

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    1. That mold really is gone. There’s too much equipment and technology involved these days to risk it. Not to mention liabilities.
      Doesn’t mean once the show is over and packed up and you have a day off the next day…but doing shows day after day, there just isn’t time or energy for that. And if you’re trying, you won’t last on the crew long.

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  2. What a sweety! It has been about a year since we brought Kyrill home. I remember how exhausting it was that first month. He was 12 weeks old when he came to us, so Phoebe is probably more of a handful than he was.

    I have three new coworkers on my team who I am enjoying getting to know, all young women just starting out in their mental health careers.

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  3. There is corgi named Jo Jo who lives in the house just to the north of us and who is aggressive and poorly socializes. He barks ferociously at Kyrill and tries to spar with him through the fence. Kyrill just runs away.

    Some ranching friends of ours had corgis they used as cattle dogs. It was funny seeing them leap onto the back of the pick up with their short legs

    One of their corgis met an untimely end when he got his head stuck in a bag of dog food and fell down the stairs and broke his neck.

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    1. Corgis are strong-willed, sometimes stubborn. I can see that in both of ours. Bootsy had been so abused before she was rescued that I don’t think we saw this in her for a long time because she was traumatized and anxious.

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    1. I’ve explored your pages a bit, as well, John, and I too, missed your farewell to Ellie Mae.

      Many years ago now, we lost a cat that way. Buddy was twenty-two and ailing, and just disappeared one day. No amount of searching the neighborhood ever found any trace of him. Pretty sure he wanted it that way.

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    1. They are really cute, I agree. Keeping up with her is a constant race to keep her out of whatever. Am I too old for this? Probably. My neighbor kids will start coming over to play with her and to burn off some energy.

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  4. I am getting to know, at leat on-line, other Cesky Terrier owners and breeders who are members of the Cesky Terrier America group. They are a fun bunch and very devoted to the breed. A Cesky bred by Kyrill’s breederjust got Best Cesky at Westminster this morning, and now goes on to the Terrier Group competition

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  5. O.T. – For those who have the fortitude to watch, this looks like it might be interesting:
    Clarence and Ginni Thomas: Politics, Power and the Supreme Court
    Tuesday, May 9 at 9/8c on PBS and on YouTube
    Streaming at 7/6c on and in the PBS Clarence and Ginni Thomas: Politics, Power and the Supreme Court
    Tuesday, May 9 at 9/8c on PBS and on YouTube
    Streaming at 7/6c on

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  6. Waiting to hear the outcome of the Terrier group at Westminster. Kyrill’s breeder is showing the prize Cesky in the Terrier group competition.

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