Greening of … the Twin Cities

As of Sunday morning, I am re-retired!  Although I’m doing a few hours a week of finish-up, my programs ran last Friday and Saturday and were a big hit, so I’m done.  Phew.

I knew before I went to bed Saturday night that one of my treats to myself would be a trip to Gertens.  YA and I got most of our plantings already (we’re big Bachmans supporters) but there were just a couple of things we still needed.  I slept in, had a late breakfast and then headed out.  I knew that it would be crowded; it was a gorgeous morning and the first nice weekend day we’ve had to far this “spring”.  And I was correct, it was very crowded; even the overflower parking lot across the street was full, with folks waiting for others to leave in order to snag their parking spot.  It felt as if everybody in the Twin Cities was there shopping.  All 12 outdoor cashier kiosks were open with lines at each one and the place was crawling with customers and employees.  I saw at least four different young men retrieving carts from all over the place.

I only needed plants for 3 baskets, including Dragonwing Begonias (which I adore) and I also wanted to check out raspberry canes.  The winter was not good to our canes and I thought I’d get a pot to fill in a sparse spot.

As you can see from the photo, I came away with much more than I intended.  A pretty yellow peony, a beautiful dark purple iris and two dual-color dianthus jumped onto my cart while I was pushing it around.  And the raspberry canes looked good, so got three pots instead of one.  I texted YA to say I shouldn’t be allowed to go to Gertens by myself!

Any places you are too tempted by to go by yourself?

29 thoughts on “Greening of … the Twin Cities”

  1. Congratulations on your re-retirement. I had a similar experience of trying to retire but going back almost full time for a while. The 2nd attempt stuck. Gardening in the spring is a wonderful way to celebrate. I also love angel wing begonias- they are so sturdy and add great color to shady areas. I have 2 of our 3 raised garden beds ready to go- organic fertilizer dug in and watered in. I will seed cold weather veg (Swiss chard, kale and lettuce, plus dill and nasturtiums but will get plants soon from the big Lyndale Farmers’ Market. I go on Fridays where you can park in the market; there are fewer vendors but there are good ones with healthy plants and variety. I wish we could plant perennials but they are often too tall plus they don’t survive the winters in raised beds.

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  2. This is my 3rd attempt on Word Press to say congratulations on your re-retirement. I had a similar experience but retirement stuck the 2nd time. Enjoy the garden- I also love angel wing begonias- sturdy and colorful. Have dug organic fertilizer and watered it in into 2 of our 3 raised bed garden areas. Ready for seeds (Swiss Chard, kale, lettuce, dill) and plants which I will get from the Lyndale Farmers’ Market on Friday AM. Fewer vendors but you can park close and vendors who are there have good selection and quality. I need to avoid bakeries by myself-too easy to indulge. Bookstores too tho sometimes friends can encourage me there!

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  3. Disney World. I haven’t gone in many years but when I do, I will have company. Maybe Disney will be moving to Minnesota🙄. We Baboons can go together.

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  4. Bookstores used to be bad for my pocketbook. Since retirement, I have switched to using the library extensively. I still browse bookstores occasionally but come away with only a list of books to seek out at the library.

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    1. When I worked in the bookstore, I often thought I should just have my paycheck direct deposited right back to the store. Of course, there wasn’t such a thing as direct-deposit back then. I’ve been in a serious relationship with my library for decades now!

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  5. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    People are listing the stores that get me, too.

    Craft and art supply stores
    Greenhouse and plant sales
    Clothing stores with cute tops
    Cooking stores
    Book stores

    And sometimes, Costco. Some days I can head into that store and exit with only supplies on my lists. Other days…that cart has stuff. It does not help that Costco intermittently has stuff on the list above.

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  6. Me too, on the bookstores.

    And OT: a *BSP*, as Chris would say:
    If any of you want some good, cheap books and a day trip on the same weekend as Mid-West Music Fest, head on down to Winona this Saturday for our famous, first-in-3-years
    UU Book Sale! 9:00-3:00.
    Guild Hall of Wesley Methodist Church, 113 Broadway.
    End *BSP*.

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  7. Sandy and I usually shopped together, one exception: I would drop her at Target in the mall and then we would meet at B & N. She wore out a walker doing that. This is one of the reasons I shop so much online. Like Bill and Robin, we were dangerous to our bank account shopping together. That’s how we bought our house, to name one thing.

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  8. Congratulations on your re-retirement, VS!

    I always buy too many plants at garden stores in the spring. I don’t have a garden anymore so I’m not sure why I do this. I do grow lots of things in containers on my deck and front steps. I still buy too much though.

    I used to buy too many books even though I have unread books on my bookshelves. I just love them. I’ve mostly stopped doing that though, and I use the library most of the time. Living in a small space forces me to keep less stuff.

    I just bought a new iPad but WP doesn’t seem to care.

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  9. Strangely, I enjoy wandering the grocery store when it’s not busy and I have a long list. I get perverse pleasure from comparing prices, value, ingredients, and even RDA nutritional info on the back labels. Yeah, yeah, I know. I SAID it was a “perverse” pleasure. 🙂

    Bookstores are on the list, of course. But I’m at that downsizing age where I won’t indiscriminately buy books, just books from MN authors or unknowns that I’ve met and want to support. David Baldacci and Michael Connelly don’t need me to buy their books! Most of my writing colleagues DO, and really appreciate it when I support them (and they often buy my books too.) Interesting how I’ve adopted the mindset of a small business owner. I even stopped going to Starbucks once in a while and patronize my local coffee shops more often instead.

    That said, I feel I have good self-control and can trust my wallet in any store I enter. Although, if I have time in the grocery store, I’ll usually come home with several things that weren’t on my list.

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  10. I almost always get carried away at Trader Joe’s – too many items that you just don’t find anywhere else. Caroline has gotten me addicted to those trail mix crackers that they make!

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  11. After another looooooong day battling to get an MRI of my pancreas, unsuccessful, my seldom used Facebook pages was hacked. I would track it but I need for communicating with my kids. Son helped me straighten it out.


  12. Cheese counters. Not garden variety cheddar and Swiss – soft, rinded cheeses, farmstead cheeses from goats milk or sheep or carefully pastured moo cows, Stiltons and Gruyeres, cheeses aged in caves, the same cheese variety aged differently…

    Happy re-retirement VS!

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    1. Thanks! It was a good day. I spent it surrounded by good people dealing with commencement at the college. It went off with only minor technicalities and everyone was pleased and helpful and I SURVIVED!

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  13. Coffee shops are a temptation – I go in for a coffee drink, but there’s always much more to look at. The local neighborhood shop displays artwork that is for sale by local artists. And if I go into a Starbucks, I’m always attracted to the cups and travels mugs they offer. I don’tneed any more cups or travel mugs, but there is something about the designs that makes me want to take them all home.

    Antique shops can be trouble, too.

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