Mother’s Day Amiss

YA came into my room on Friday and asked me if I wanted to go to Lowbrow for breakfast on Mother’s Day.  Lowbrow is her favorite. My favorite breakfast place is actually Black Coffee & Waffle but I would never attempt going there on a Sunday.  It’s a very small place and they only make the waffles when  you order them, so service is slow.  Since my favorite was out of the question, I said sure to Lowbrow.  YA wasn’t able to do a reservation online so she was forced to use the telephone and talk to the restaurant live (horrors).  They said all their reservations were full but they had a few tables held for walk-ins. 

We decided to go right away at opening (9 a.m.) but I was dismayed when we turned the corner and there was already a robust gathering outside the door…. In the rain.  As is always the case on Mother’s Day, there were quite a few large groups – you could see through the windows that the tables were already pushed together and set.  It took about 15 minutes before we made it inside and the couple in front of us took the last free table.  90 minute wait.  Believe me when I say that spending 90 minutes with YA before she has eaten is not a good way to start off your Mother’s Day.

There is a new little restaurant across the street from Lowbrow; it looked fairly empty so we headed over there.  They did have a table for us but before we sat down they showed us the Sunday brunch menu – a prix fixe with a starter board, a choice of three entrees (only one of which was a vegetarian option) and a choice of two desserts.  Neither of us was too interested and the $45 per person price tag pushed us right out the front door.

It took us about 2 minutes to decide to drive to Perkins, where we know they don’t take reservations and where there are lots and lots of tables.  No wait and a special Mother’s Day menu with lots of strawberry options.  YA had the Fresh Strawberry Pancake stack and I had the Fresh Strawberry Belgian Waffle.  It was farther from home than we had planned on, different menu than we had planned on.  It was more crowded and noisier than we prefer but we had a very nice time.  We topped off our experience with a quick trip to Trader Joe’s (YA adores Trader Joes), which was also very busy, doing a whopping flower business! Ya gotta love Mother’s Day!

When was the last time things didn’t go as planned for you?

13 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Amiss”

  1. Husband made Heart shaped Norwegian waffles and bacon for me yesterday.

    I guess needing to buy tomato plants because the ones we started in March withered was the most recent plan that went awry.

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  2. Our Perkins didn’t survive COVID. Country Kitchen and a few other cafes are the only other places for breakfast. Most dine-in options here are burger joints and bars.

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  3. Rise and Shine, Baboons

    The most recent thing that went awry in a significant way was the sale of our AZ condo. It went up for sale Jan 1, and within a week we had a good offer, then before we could respond to the offer (paperwork done, entire plan in place) the buyers disappeared. They were not even responding to their realtor. The husband of the couple was in rough shape. We thought maybe he died. Turns out that he was hospitalized for 3 weeks and nearly died. The condo went back on the market and our realtor held more open houses which were attended well. There were 3 more offers, two of which we refused, then ours sold on day 38 (realtors count these things). After the husband of the first buyer was out of the hospital, they submitted a second offer, but ours was already sold. It all worked out but required a Plan B.

    I am filling flower pots today in the sunshine and warm termperatures. Puppy is going out with me for a bit which will tire her out for five minutes. This puppy is energetic! And bitey/chewy. We are house training her now with partial success.

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  4. OT. Blevins on Sunday the 21st. 2 p.m. at Jacque & Lou’s. Sound like most folks haven’t been able to get their hands on Seed Keepers… we can hold off on discussion until next time if that’s the case. Other book Boys in the Boat

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  5. I have to say that there’s been nothing recent that has gone awry. I’m grateful for that.

    I’ve been thinking lately about when I bought this condo back in May 6, 2016. I was very eager to leave Waterville and I had to do a lot of preparation to sell that place. The young couple who were buying it were first time home buyers and they were getting an FHA loan. I had to scramble to correct all the things the FHA found lacking in the home. The stairway in the split-level entry had to have railings that were closer together than they were. I hired a local handyman to redo that. A radon test came back higher than desirable so I had to do a $1500 radon mitigation. There were some outlet modifications that had to be made too. By the time I was done making all those modifications, I was in the red by over $2500.

    I stressed and scrambled over that but got it all done. On May 1, I drove a U-haul truck over from Northfield. I was feeling pretty good about myself, driving that big truck over. I got to my driveway and started to back the truck in. I was so excited that I wasn’t thinking about the length of the truck compared with the length of my driveway. I was focused on the right front tire because I knew it had to go over the curb a little and BAM! I hit the gutter and tore off the gutter and some of the soffit and facia on the garage roof! I jumped out of the truck and fell on the driveway, swearing! My friends, and my brother and sister-in-law were watching me and laughing. My friend Gary, who does everything, fixed the gutter, soffit and facia for me that very day. My brother, nephew and sister-in-law did most of the work loading my furniture into the U-haul while Gary and I drove to Faribault for materials to fix the garage damage. After that was done, I took everyone out for supper. I returned home and backed into the garage, colliding with a table that someone had put where I couldn’t see it. I dented the trunk of my car. The next day was closing on my house. I spent a sleepless night on th floor of the living room, cleaned thoroughly and locked up the house in the morning.

    I left the U-haul parked at my friend’s house and drove my dented Honda Civic to Apple Valley for the closing. I sat down at the table in front of the stack of papers that was prepared for me to sign my Waterville house away. I started signing, turning the sheets over one by one and scanning the legalese. The buyers weren’t there yet but I was signing the documents selling my house to them. I was told to keep signing, so I did. Suddenly their realtor appeared and announced that there was no deal. Their mortgage was not approved. That’s how I was homeless for a week. I wasn’t allowed access to my new condo because my mortgage approval was contingent on the sale of my house. I had signed most of the documents. My realtor gathered those up. I didn’t want to go back in that house anymore. It was clean and I was done with it. So I stayed at my friend’s with all my stuff on the U-haul truck and my car dented for a week. That really went awry but it worked out well. Now I am afraid to move again!

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  6. The last really big mishap in recent memory was Husband’s stroke, and that’s just shy of two years ago. I’ve almost left a credit card behind, or lost track of a key to the Art Center…
    I’m sure there’s something if I can just remember it.

    OT: Book Sale went surprisingly well, no major glitches. Hopefully I’ll write a blog post about it.

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  7. Child’s bedtimes? Child’s mornings? Spring Planting?
    Shorter list to write what’s gone right! 🙂

    Ben –
    still learning to roll with the punches

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  8. Well, tonight I tilled the big garden plot and didn’t have the blades lowered sufficiently for a technical reason. I was able to till to the depth I wanted, but it took me twice long.

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