I Saved The Day

Saturday was blustery and rainy here, a good day to stay home and clean and cook. I made some Tuscan white bean and chard soup, and Husband made goat leg in the tagine.

We stream MPR classical when we are home. About 3:00 the music went silent. We had lost wifi and the Internet, and our land line phone went dead. I waited about 20 minutes for it to go back on, and then phoned the local phone company that provides our cable, land line, and Internet. First I talked with an Internet guy who transferred me to a phone woman. I guess phone service takes priority over Internet service and he thought I would get better results talking to the phone person. She had me unplug and then restart the modem that controls all the services, but that didn’t help. She then transferred me to a very nice man named Leonard, who said we probably needed a new modem, and that he would get in his truck and come right over to replace it.

All the support folks I spoke with said there were no reports of service interruptions in my neighborhood. We waited for Leonard for more than an hour when he finally phoned and said that something on top of a utility pole at the end of our street had melted, and that he and another guy were fixing it. All their custmers in our neighborhood had lost their service and I was the only one who phoned to report it. Husband took the dog for a walk and saw Leonard and his coworker up the pole fixing whatever it was that melted. By 6:30, everything was working again.

I am waiting for the neighbors to hold a parade in my honor for saving the day. I also am impressed with the local phone company for sending out service technicians on rainy Saturday afternoons.

What are some positive and/or interesting customer service experiences you have had? Have you ever saved the day?

25 thoughts on “I Saved The Day”

  1. Wow squared. “Get in the truck and bring you over a modem“? Unheard of.

    I am also the one in our neighborhood who makes the call when the power goes out — then I do the neighborhood text so that everybody knows the status of things.

    I can’t think of any particularly bad customer service that I’ve gotten, although I’m sure I have. But I tend to stick with it until I get what I need. Good customer service? A lot of it so it’s hard to pick out just one. But I can’t think of one single time where someone said “oh, I’ll get in my truck and run it over right now.”!!!

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    1. Nothin’ like small-town service. We used to have that with our Jaguar fiber optic cable/phone/internet service here in town. Have a problem, call the office downtown, talk to a real person instantly, explain the problem, she’d get the tech guy from the other room on the line, and he’d walk us through the fix.

      But since Jaguar sold out to much bigger Metronet, service is not as good, less personal, problems happen more often, and we get frustrated with the repeated issues that don’t seem to be permanently fixed.

      Since I don’t see myself as a ‘save-the-day’ guy, I don’t recall ever saving a day. Maybe, but it must have been minor if I don’t remember . . . or I’m too old to remember. 😉

      Chris in Owatonna (who thinks a parade for Renee is a great idea!)

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  2. Last week I finally figured out that my landline had no dial tone. I hadn’t received phone calls for six months and I liked that because I usually got spam or political money requests on that phone. I had decided it was the old phone so bought a new one. Still no dial tone. So I finally checked in with the phone company and they fixed it, it was a main source. Maybe I’m the only one in the neighborhood who still has a landline phone and so the only one who called the phone company. 

    Cynthia “Life is a shifting carpet…learn to dance.”

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    1. YA and I still have a landline. These days we only keep it because not matter how many times I tell Nonny to call my cell phone, she occasionally still calls the land line!

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  3. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    This spring has brought nothing but problems with CenturyLink, our former internet provider. The Customer Service went from pretty bad, to interfering with business. As a result they lost two accounts (ours at home, the account at work). You cannot have a business wait TWELVE DAYS for a repair. TWELVE DAYS! We got a new internet provider before they got there. They did arrive—after 2 weeks—and the repair guy was rude and disrespectful. A techie told me that the wire-based services are having problems because they are not repairing their infrastructure because repairing that interferes with profits. Because of this, as well as Verizon and T-Mobile, are offering new wireless services, CenturyLink is losing customers. I now experience wireless both at home and at work. It works very well.

    THis is an example of poor customer service driving customers away.

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  4. i have too many customer service moments these days
    i am delivering for amazon, instacart grub hub and uber and the cultural differences are huge
    at amazon stuff is needed all the time because a lot of individual orders just end up with more possible snafus
    at instacart maybe only 2 or 3 a week at uber and grub hub they really don’t want to deal with you just get you gone and on to the next thing
    my daughter tara has taken the torch as to not allowing customer service people treat your issue poorly
    ask for supervisor, hang up and find a good one even if you need to call 3 or 4 times . if it’s corporate culture to treat customer poorly it may take a while to find a good problem solver that can help
    my save the day mimentvwas when my sons baseball team got stranded in orlando airport easter friday the plane got cancelled and we had 40 boys and coaches to get to minneapolis. the coaches who were in charge were yelling and demanding 40 seats directly to minneapolis and that simply wasn’t going to happen do i found a great lady who got us into chicago and from there we got a flight to minneapolis but it took 4 hours on the phone to get it done my battery died and i had to switch over to sons phone to finish the deal

    today i do small save the moment issues as they come up

    feels good right?

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  5. I haven’t had to do anything so heroic as calling the internet service provider since we switched to a fiber optic service. When we had Comcast, the service was unreliable, the speed varied and the customer service, when you could connect with them, was in some distant state, usually down south.

    With Comcast, there were dead spots in the house and the price kept going up. With the fiber setup, we have a mesh of four wirelessly connected routers and every part of the house has an optimum signal. The cost for the service is less than half what Comcast charged and I’ve never had occasion to call them about a problem.

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  6. Last August, the day I was leaving for Two Harbors for the Festival of Sail, my phone decided to completely desert me. My provider, Consumer Cellular, barely tried to help me. Nothing worked. I had no service at all. I knew my phone was getting old and I needed one to communicate with my friends who were also going to Festival of Sail. So I went to the T-mobile store and bought a new phone with T-mobile service. In order to start the new service and keep my phone number, I had to get a PIN number from Consumer Cellular. I found that they had terminated my service! I didn’t get a PIN number. I had auto pay so it wasn’t that I had missed a payment. They had simply terminated my service. So I was going to have to have a new phone number. Can you imagine all the places you have to update and change your phone number these days? It was infuriating. I was late to leave for Two Harbors and ended up missing the entire first day which would have been the most interesting.

    Next morning I got a call from Consumer Cellular. I didn’t want to be polite so I was politely terse. She asked if I wanted a PIN to keep my phone number. Of course! So she called T-mobile and we had a three-way conversation. She and the T-mobile service rep worked together to get me my phone number back. She restored my faith in Consumer Cellular and in phone service providers in general.

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  7. I got a combination of really bad and really good service from Xfinity a couple of years back. We made the mistake of talking to the sales guys at the State Fair and they made us one of those deals you can’t refuse. Well as it started to unfold it turned out we would have to change our number as well as a few other issues. Trying to explain in on the phone was useless. Ended up in the Comcast store when they shook their heads and rolled their eyes when I told them what the state fair guys had promised. Apparently they hire these sales guys from all over the country but most of them aren’t actually Xfinity folks. The folks in the store were very gracious, eventually (this took two weeks) to undo what had been done and found a way for my price to not go up.

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  8. Our grandson doesn’t watch much TV at all, but has picked up from friends at preschool the phrase “saved the day”, as superheroes are always being told or else saying they saved the day.

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  9. I just saved the day for myself by remembering that if the computer is acting up, the first thing to try is to TURN IT OFF AND RESTART. This worked, and now I can send emails again. Uffda.

    I am getting lost of good feedback for taking on the Book Sale again after a 3-1/2 year hiatus, a sort of “saved the day”, just not sure which day.

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  10. I used to have internet service, way back when, with a little local internet service provider. When I had a problem of any kind I always called and got Dean, who apparently worked out of his home and answered the phone at all hours of the day. He was always able to solve any issue and explained it thoroughly. I learned a lot from him. The company was eventually bought by another company and ceased to have customer service of any kind. Every tech company should have a Deanlike guy.

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