In A Holi-Daze

Today’s post comes from tim

February is the month i was born

back in the day i was born the day after george washingtons birthday and every other year in school they would take off geroge washingtons birthday then on the following year they would take off abraham lincolns birthday. i suppose i was in 4th or 5th grade the year they declared we would now have presidents day and it would celebrate the two of them together. ill be the younger people of today have no idea tht the 12th is abrahams bd and the 22nd is georges bd.

about that time the decided armasists day should become veterans day and honor all wars instead of giving each war its own day ve day and jvj day for ww2 and armasists day for ww1 youve already got christmas thanksgiving easter new years and 4th of july, columbus day is a holiday that gets littel respect and form what i understand about how he treated people he should have been .martin luther kings day valentines day st patricks day april fools day may day june doesnt need a holiday june is too glorious to steal a day from celebrate every day in june, the state fair september and october are available for holiday unless you germans already celebrate october fest halloween is for kids but then we roll into the biggys with thanksgiving christmas and new years like bowling pins waiting to be knocked down in rapid succesion then we are back to february again.

it seems like we got the bases covered but there have got to be couple things overlooked i guess mothers day and fathers day sneak their way in their and hallmark tired grandparents day but i think it failed we used to celebrate richard nixons bd with a black cake in january and i alway remember that kurt vonnegut is 11/11 because it lucky and happens to be armasist day too. albert einstein is the same as my kids on 3/14 ( ive got 2 kids with the same birthday 4 years apart just so i wouldnt forget i married my wife on 01/01 /01 my parents anniversary and my daughters anniversary are both august 4th and i just know i am missing something

my favorite movie is harvey but another favorite is a thousand clowns and the quote that comes to mind is:

Murray Burns: Irving R. Feldman’s birthday is my own personal national holiday. I did not open it up for the public. He is proprietor of perhaps the most distinguished kosher delicatessen in our neighborhood, and, as such, I hold the day of his birth in reverence.

You got one?

56 thoughts on “In A Holi-Daze”

  1. Growing up we would celebrate Beethoven’s birthday. His baptism day is the same day as my mother’s birthday and his birthday is often celebrated the day before that. So why not celebrate a guy who knew his way around a symphony? (This may be why Beethoven continues to be one of my two favorite composers.)

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        1. I share a borthday withhandle I have a special appreciation forhis work just because. kids like einstein and kirby pucket because of shared day ( kirby was not impressed)


  2. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    My personal holiday is actually a week long. On May 18, 1990 at age 35, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, following about 6 months of unrecognized symptoms (I was too young, it could not be, the needle biopsy showed nothing, the mammogram was negative), misdiagnosis , and a labor strike that delayed a biopsy

    A week later, May 25, I had surgery. I woke up to a hospital room filled with dozens of bouquets of flowers and balloons and cards from people who inhabited so many places in my life. It was the first time I realized I was truly loved by many. So every year from May 18-25, it is “I Am Loved and I Get to Live” week.

    I just don’t tell anybody.

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  3. wow
    sorry about the typo’s
    i can keep one promise but not the other.
    i got the guest blog in for the week but i didnt run it through the spell checker.
    i will try to do both going forward.


    1. Well, this way I cannot skim it. I have to slow down and read slowly, which is good for me. I am finding it a challenge, in my post practice-owner phase, to ss-ll-oo-ww dd-oooo-w-nnnn.

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    2. Pardon me. I do not want to become a language crank, but I would appreciate it if people could avoid saying “going forward.” It is a corporate buzz phrase that has caught on and become a cliche. To use another cliche, “going forward” has “gone viral.” Ugh! I wince whenever I hear it, and these days I wince a lot! Just about every evening news broadcast will include the phrase one, two or three times.

      What does it mean? If you say, “I’m going to brush my teeth more often going forward” what, exactly, do the words “going forward” mean? Before this phrase became so popular people might have said, “I’m going to brush my teeth more in the future.” Or, “I’m going to brush more often.” This isn’t a technical violation of grammar. But some listeners–and I’m one of them–suffer when I hear these words. End of rant.

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      1. So….how do you feel abou”back in the day”….I keep hearing that all the time lately AND ” you guys” as a collective….when did “guys” need to be attached to the inclusive word you?


        1. I’m less bothered by these, for they don’t have the element of seeking points for being so au courant. But I swear there must be legions of men in corporate, legal and governmental offices who sit around all day inventing phrases that make me want to scream.

          Perhaps it is time to run a Trail Baboon post about language stuff that bugs us.

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    3. Somehow your typos, tim, are half the fun. That and trying to figure out where to put an occasional period. I especially love the notion of an “armasists day.”

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      1. How many years have I been reading daily posts from tim? Many. Over six, at least. And I’m pretty darn sure he has never spelled “from” correctly. It is always “form.” People usually think of typos as random events, but tim’s typos are not.


  4. I too appreciate A Thousand Clowns.
    Holidays–Holy-days–have lost there sense of celebration or mourning, or reverence, or gaiety or whatever because we have taken the community out of them. We took the porch off the front of our houses and built decks in the back. So I guess they should all be personal holidays.

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    1. i am surprised as i drive around wisconsin and minnesota on the back roads and highways how many people set up their lawn chairs to watch traffic go by out in the front yard
      i have always enjoyed the deck on the back but at this house i have a couple chairs set up out in the front yard as well. it does feel like celebrating community.
      i love the concept of the front porch but dont see it coming up in the new subdevelopments. i think the roof top community areas in cityscapes offers a similar opportunity.

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      1. It’s the small town concept of “I will watch you watch me watch you.” There are some developments (new construction) full of front porches. There is one I love in Ankeny, Ia near my mother’s care facility.

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      2. My personal holidays would be moveable feasts:
        I slept through the night day, which would coincide with I woke in pain and with very dry eyes day
        The news did not upset me today day
        The football season is over day
        The basketball season is over day
        The baseball season is over day
        Jennifer Aniston isn’t on the cover of any magazine day
        I skipped another class reunion day
        Hollywood didn’t give itself any awards Sunday
        National insanity day has now settled on January 20
        I didn’t do anything old-stupid today day
        I didn’t say anything stupidtoday day
        Neither of us went to the doctor day

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      3. Several years ago, moving my mother-in-law into a new apartment at the Senior Residence and we’re getting her chair set in the living room. One direction faced the road and some fields. The other direction the front door of the building.
        Well, obviously, I’d want to see the fields and roads. Nope; gotta see who’s coming and going.
        I smiled. Of course you do.

        There used to be a TV channel that was CC coverage of the front vestibule. Presumable so you could tell your guests were there and buzz them in.
        it was a favorite TV channel for a lot of people, guests or not.

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  5. St. Lucia Day is December 13th. In the past I’ve sometimes designated this as the day to decorate the Christmas tree. I’m not very consistent about it, though. December 13th was my mother’s birthday, so it’s easy to remember.

    I think Thanksgiving is our most universal holiday, because it is inclusive and multicultural. It’s not connected with a particular religion and isn’t nationalistic. It’s really a shame that it’s been turned into a shopping day in recent years.

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    1. Sadly, almost everything has turned into a shopping day nowadays. I don’t get the newspaper so don’t see those ads, but i am on the internet frequently and so I see things like “Pre-Black Friday Sale” and “Fourth of July Sale” and “Labor Day Sale.” The latest? Inauguration Day Sale. I don’t remember seeing that one before.


  6. My mother had a way of uttering sentences that sounded normal until you looked at them carefully. An example was something she said about her confusion about my father’s birthday. To understand this you have to know my father’s name was George and that his birthday was close to those of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays (close to the day and month, not the year).

    One day my mother said, “I always have trouble remembering George’s birthday. Then I remember: it is the day George Washington’s isn’t.”

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  7. At my place of employment, each of us has a “floating holiday” which we can use whenever we want. (We got this to replace Good Friday, which used to be a holiday.)

    So far I’ve used it on Pi Day every year!

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  8. Good one, tim – love this sentence(s) – “june doesnt need a holiday june is too glorious to steal a day from celebrate every day in june”
    We once had a party at end of June that we called the Summer Soltice and Radish Festival.

    I tend to celebrate a bit every Full Moon – maybe I’ll make that a more conscious thing. We’ve found a park down on the river where we can go to watch sunset. There’s a spit of land that juts out into the water and we can sit on this huge rock while looking west till the sun dips below the water. Then we turn 180 degrees and wait for the full moon to rise in the east. Haven’t been there for months now – looking forward to the warmer evenings.


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