Adirondack Heaven

Caveat:  The following observations are only representative of my neighborhood and cannot be reliably applied to other areas.

On my daily walks with Guinevere, I’ve noticed that the Adirondack chair is the most popular chair in my area.  There are lots and lots of them, in all colors from natural wood to bright yellow and reds.  While there are plenty of Adirondacks in back yards, there is actually a pretty high percentage of them in front yards and on front stoops and porches.  Cushions can be found as well.  In the backyard of one house on our route there is a beautiful double Adirondack in a dark pine green.  There is even a house over on Penn with a whole row of Adirondacks across the front yard of a house – one in every primary color of the rainbow.

This is interesting to me.  YA and I have two Adirondacks in the back yard – bright aqua (YA’s choice) and I don’t find them to be all that comfortable.   You’re pretty much forced to lean back in the chair.  Except for closing my eyes and taking a snooze, I prefer to sit up.  For keeping up with conversation, for drinking a beverage, for reading, I need to be sitting up.  And, of course, when it’s time to exit of a chair, an Adirondacks is not the easiest chair to get out of.  Although for snoozing in while YA messes with a fire in the fire pit, they are quite nice!

Do you have a favorite chair or snoozing spot?

31 thoughts on “Adirondack Heaven”

  1. On one end of the sofa in the livingroom, I have three wool throws neatly folded in case someone is chilly or wants to cover up and nap.. On top of the throws are two accent pillows that came with the sofa and just get in the way if you try to sit. On top of the pillows, of course, is usually a very long haired tortie cat having a luxurious snooze. She reminds me of the princess and the pea.

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  2. Our other cat snoozes in the basement on top of a down comforter that is rolled up at the end of a bed in our daughter’s old room.

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  3. My recliner/rocker in the family room is amazingly sleep-inducing. It’s pretty good for watching TV too. But I don’t intentionally take naps in that chair. However, I often end up dozing off later at night when nothing interesting/exciting is on the idiot box. But I’m not a napper by nature, so I have no favorite napping spots. Talk to my wife about naps! 🙂

    Otherwise, I have a wooden rocker in the living room where I sit and read after breakfast many mornings.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  4. the anti gravity chair was at a trade show in europe 30 years ago and it was beautiful with marine fabric and nautical rope and a cost of $115 per chair from a french outdoor furniture company . i named it the worlds most comfortable chair and would sit for a minute each year when i passed.
    the patent must have expired and now cost is $25 so with shipping and margin it is a $49 on sale item. they are great. sit in one this summer at the store and check it out (if the stores ever welcome things like sitting in a chair again) or order on amazon and try it out and return it if it’s not right for you. best buy has 2 for $79 online right now

    at home i have my spot on the couch and an easy chair in my music room

    i have a chair in my warehouse i will need to decide on. i always swore i’d get it reupholstered because it was my favorite growing up . it’s been reupholstered 3 times in its life since 1953 and is in need of its last go round . i need to find the ottoman before i get it done. i get comfy feelings just thinking about that chair.
    i love favorite chairs. i had a lady ask me to sell all her stuff on ebay years ago and when i went into her house it was an elaborate collection of beautiful furniture and one easy chair that wasn’t beautiful. i said that must have been your husbands favorite chair. how did you know she asked. i said it just looks so comfortable. and it did. i could study furniture design forever, adirondack chairs were introduced to me from yugoslavia in 1980 as a classic design but the assembly requirements made it too much for american taste. today they are mostly sold assembled. great chairs i have them by my fire pit

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    1. Somebody mentioned the zero gravity chair here on the trail, quite a few years ago now, and I went out and bought me one. It’s my favorite chair for lounging in the garden. You can sit comfortably in it and read, or you can kick back and take snooze. I love my ZG chair.

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  5. We are not backyard loungers. In the front on our stoep we have a teak bench that is pretty comfortable if you line it with the sofa accent pillows. Our most-used outdoor furniture is a garden kneeler we use for weeding. Husband has a couple of lighter chairs he sits in for grilling.

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  6. I remodeled my home twenty years ago, a time when I changed almost literally everything in my bungalow. The traditional Adirondack chair was so attractive that I just about bought two for the backyard. Sitting in one made it easy to buy something less stylish but more comfortable.

    My happiest discovery was a traditional padded chair that came with a matching hassock. I called it “the comfy chair,” for it was the nicest chair I’d ever spent time in. That choice took on new importance a decade later when rheumatoid arthritis struck and I could barely totter about. Suddenly that chair became the center of my life. Leaving it was so difficult that I spent most hours, day and night, in it. Five years of that wore big holes in the comfy chair, and I had to move on to a new one, but that chair was a friend when I especially needed one.

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  7. When I had knee replacement surgery fifteen years ago, a friend lent me an old recliner to use during my recovery. It was uglier than sin, but, oh was it comfortable. I used that chair for a full three months, and then it was time to return it. Most recliners that I’ve seen are ugly monstrosities, but I missed the comfort of that old chair so I decided to see if I could find one that was a little less obnoxious looking. I found one as I was meandering through what used to be the old Dayton’s on my way to the annual flower show. What I ended up with a Mission style chair, pretty much like the one depicted here:
    It has held up extremely well over many years of heavy use. I like that I can have a cup of tea, or coffee, or even a glass of wine on the wooden armrest if I’m careful.

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    1. That very chair–or one identical to it–was one of my purchases when remodeling my home. You are right, PJ. The wood arms are not the most comfortable, but they are perfect for holding glasses of something nice. That basic style is called a Morris chair, named for William Morris, one of the leading Arts and Crafts artists in England. His wallpaper designs are gorgeous. My Morris chair went in the “sun room” of my bungalow.

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  8. I have a platform rocker that I bought when we were in grad school in Indiana, as it was just like one from my childhood. I’ve sort of reupholstered it a few times – I just basically giftwrap the thing with a staple gun… Wish I could send a photo.

    Anyone remember the Northern Exposure episode where Maggie bought a new chair for her cabin, and kept asking different people what they thought… only person who could sit comfortably in it was, of course, Joel Fleischman.

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  9. I once stayed three days with a friend and his wife who have a stylish home on the side of a mountain near Helena. After the visit I told Bill something about his house that he hadn’t noticed. There wasn’t one comfortable chair in the home. No, pardon me, there was one, but it belonged to their dog. They had dining room chairs, but they weren’t meant for anyone to lounge in. My home then had about five comfortable chairs and two big comfortable couches.

    Why didn’t my friend have a comfortable chair? Their lifestyle didn’t require one. They sat to eat, but then didn’t sit for any other reason. They didn’t watch TV, read books, listen to music or sit around entertaining. Ever. They spent their time working, sleeping, eating and exercising, none of which required comfortable chairs. After I visited, they bought a comfortable chair . . . in case someone visited who might expect that.

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  10. There is a big Adirondack chair in a little park in St. Paul. It’s hard to get the scale of it from looking at a picture, but the seat of the chair is about five feet high. I would need a ladder to get onto it. And I don’t imagine it would be all that comfortable…

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  11. OT – Were not quite there yet, but it won’t be long. I may just try this. From the NYT.

    “Basic Mason Jar Ice Cream


    1 cup heavy cream

    1 ½ tablespoons granulated sugar

    1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract

    A pinch of salt

    A 16 oz Mason jar, of course.
    Yield: About three servings.


    1. Pour the cream, sugar, vanilla and salt into the jar, and screw on the lid tightly.

    2. Shake vigorously, until the cream thickens and almost doubles in size, which should take about five minutes. You’ll know you’re done when the mixture doubles in volume and is about the consistency of brownie batter.

    3. Freeze for at least 3 hours. Then eat. You’re welcome.
    Or, add a twist

    You could, if you’re daring, spruce it up. Here are some ideas on what to add to the recipe above.

    Berry Ice Cream. If you want the flavor mixed-in, blend ½ cup of fresh berries and add it to the mixture before you freeze it. (You can also cheat: a tablespoon of jam will work.) If you prefer chunks, cut up the berries. Voilà.

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream. Add 1 teaspoon of peanut butter to the mixture and shake. If you want the chocolate blended in, squeeze in 1 teaspoon of syrup. But if you’re going for a marbled effect, swirl in the syrup at the end and give your mixture a quick stir with a spoon.

    Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream. Add 1 teaspoon each of lemon juice and honey. To infuse the tea flavor, take ½ cup of the cream. Heat it, and steep two bags of Earl Grey tea. Remove them. When the cream cools, add it to the jar and shake.

    Chunky Chocolate and Nut Ice Cream. The nuts are easy: Add 1 tablespoon of whatever kind of nuts you choose. (Pecans are buttery and yummy. Just saying.) Add chocolate pieces. A note: Mini-chips will work better than chunks. You’re only making a little bit, after all.

    Rosemary Olive Oil Ice Cream. Whoa, right? Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil, which will make the ice cream extra creamy. As with the Earl Grey version, heat up half the cream and add four sprigs of fresh rosemary. Strain, cool, add, shake, freeze and eat.”

    The possibilities are endless.

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    1. I found it on YouTube, and it’s pretty funny. I have a massage chair like that, and it’s pretty spectacular when it’s massaging, but otherwise not comfortable to sit in.

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