Favorite People

Husband  told me out of the blue this week that his three favorite people  of the 20th Century were Rosa Luxemburg, Dorothy Day, and Martin Luther King, Jr. (He has more time to sit and think now that he doesn’t travel for work). I had to admit that I didn’t know who Rosa Luxemburg was, but Husband tells me she was a good socialist.

Given our current situation, I think my three favorite people of the 20th Century would be Jonas Salk, Alexander Fleming, and Tommy Douglas.

Who are your favorite people from the 20th Century? How about the 21st? 

48 thoughts on “Favorite People”

  1. i’m going with our current century. Hank and John Green (I’m counting them as one). I’m also going to list Eldad Hadid from Paws for Hope. And John Oliver. All kind and thoughtful, which we need more of right now.

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      1. Yep. Everybody is allowed to like what they like. I am very fond of his work in fiction but I am more fond of his work in the philanthropic arena. I follow the video blog that the two brothers have been doing for years and participate in their annual Project for Awesome. They’ve raised millions and millions of dollars for great causes.

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    1. Agree on John Oliver. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but there is much empathy in his essays. I was going to post a link to the order form for John Oliver Last Week Tonight stamps, but I see they are no longer available, Now I’m not sure I should use mine. Maybe they will be a valuable collector’s item.

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      1. I didn’t think about keeping mine as collectors items. Maybe I should have. I’ve been going through stamps pretty fast these days so I used them all up.


  2. OT, but referencing yesterday’s bird topic—we have pileated woodpeckers zooming around the neighborhood this morning. I have seen nothing more than a blur, but they are shrieking about something.

    Last week there was a hawk that I could not identify that perched on a branch near my garden. Every bird in the neighborhood gathered, chattering, diving, and shrieking to drive the hawk away. It took about 10 minutes, and what a racket that was.

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        1. Friday afternoon there were two young Cooper’s Hawks sitting on a neighbor’s chain-link fence across the alley from us. They were making such a ruckus that they alerted another neighbor, and she was able to get a photo of them with her phone. I, of course, had no idea where my phone was, and even if I had, I don’t know that I would have been able to snap a photo of them.


  3. Tommy Douglas was the Premier of Saskatchewan and member of Parliament and a Baptist minister, and was responsible for Canada’single payer health system, which they rolled out due to the Great Depression. He is also Donald Sutherland’s grandfather.

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      1. I’m sure that lots of people we think of as “heroes” were jerks. Mahatma Gandhi’s impact on history, however, is indisputable. Does it really matter whether our personal heroes had personal flaws that made them less than perfect? From what I’ve read, Mother Theresa was no saint either. The list of imperfect heroes is long I’m afraid, and from the people who have been mentioned here as possible personal heroes, our criteria for what a personal hero is, seems to be all over the map, too.

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        1. point well taken
          i just have him elevated to always being cool and level and warm.
          hard to live up to i guess . just me and a couple other guys huh?

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  4. I also am stuck in categories. I annoy come up with anything in such a huge topic area, so I will choose my favorite professional influences:

    Marsha Linehan, founder of Dialectic Behavior Therapy
    B F Skinner, began Behavioral Therapy
    Murray Bowen, Family Systems Theorist and author of Undifferentiated Family Ego Mass.

    tim, I hope that does not irritate you too much.

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