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I took a look at my phone search history the other day, and it struck me that someone who didn’t know me and who read through the searches I had done on Google would think me an odd duck. Here is my most recent search history:

Ladbury Funeral Service

Marie Jaell

Yo Yo Ma, Emmanuel Ax, Leonidas Kavakis Beethoven Symphonies

Kay Aaenson obituary

Creamy scallops with tomatoes

Waconia, MN grocery stores

Red Star Yeast Conversion Table

Hartquist Funeral Home

The Book of Mormon musical

Brotchen recipe

ND wildfires

Einaudi: I Giorni

West Bend, IA

What on earth does this say about my interests? Husband often asks me to look things up for him, but most of these are a result of my own curiosity.

What are your recent on-line research topics? What do you like to research? What does your search history say about you?

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  1. relaxing forest piano
    distance new delhi to gurgaon
    cancun airport shooting
    dunkin donuts
    cancun airport shuttles
    the greetery
    once upon a crime

    normally my history is probably more interesting but almost all my online searches the last couple of weeks are work related. And who needs to see that I searched for photos of every bar in a particular hotel to see if they have tvs?

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  2. I rarely search on my phone, and I set my computer to delete search history every day (to keep the hard drive from junking up, I think–some reason, maybe it’s security–I don’t know).

    BUT, when I’m researching for a book I’m working on, I check dozens of sources for all sorts of weird things. For example, I saved more than 150 web pages or documents while I was researching material for my latest book, Dangerous Straits (*BSP to follow in the post-script!*) Here’s a few samples of what I was learning about:

    Welcome to
    What Immunity means for a witness|Nolo
    What is a burner phone?|TEchwalla
    Urban Dictionary:1000 yard stare
    Trans-Texas Corridor- Wikipedia
    The Economics of Busking
    22 caliber vs 9mm
    50 of the best southern sayings
    900+ Gangster Nicknames for badass Guys and Girls- Nicknames
    Taser- Wikipedia
    Spider Lake Primitive Management Area
    Police Booking Procedures- FIndLaw
    Naniboujou, Indian God of Peace, Tricks, and the Northwoods
    . . .

    and I wasn’t even halfway through the list as I skimmed and pulled out different files. 🙂

    Chris in Owatonna

    **BSP** Tomorrow, Noon-2:00 P.M.! I’ll be at the ultracool Once Upon A Crime bookstore in south Minneapolis. just east of Nicollet Ave on 26th St. I’d love to see some Twin Cities area Baboons. VS has promised she’ll be there. It’s always a highlight of my day to see friends at book signings, even online friends who I’ve never met in person. (I’m slowly making a dent in that in-person number, tough.)

    OUAC is a terrific little store that probably has every mystery/crime/thriller book you can think of buying and a knowledgeable owner who can help you find what you’re looking for. Hope to see you tomorrow! **END BSP**

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  3. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to retrieve a search history from an iPad if your searches were made from within a browser like Safari.

    But last week I had to get specific definitions of four words from the books I was reading. I generally look up any unfamiliar word I encounter. I’m happy to add them to my collection. Here are the words:


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    1. I wish my dad were still alive. I would send these four words to him to see if he could unravel the meanings. He was really good at that although my sister and I did eventually discover that he was better at words with Latin roots than Greek roots. Not that he was a slouch at the Greek roots by any means!

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    2. I did discover that perruquier is actually the French spelling and that in America it’s often rendered as perruker- an inelegant corruption if you ask me. Perruquier is more elegant.

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  4. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    What a fun post. I had not ever thought about this.

    Most of mine from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday were about travel:

    Jimmy Johns
    Hotels in LIncoln, NE
    Women’s Final Four
    Paige Bueckers

    Before that:

    Dark Sky Festival Fountain Hills
    Art Auction 3/24
    Jerry and Jackie Miles Art Auction

    Across the street from our condo is a City Government area with a community garden and sculpture garden. They are adding a Planetarium right across the street after the city moves the garden over. The Art Auction is a fund raiser. An elderly couple with an art collection is auctioning off part of the art to fund some of the planetarium, so I was searching about that project.

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  5. HI- I love having a smart phone; we were just talking about that the other day and how it allows me to look up random things at any time!

    Yesterday I looked up the availability of ‘pole barn steel’ at Menards. (Some people said it was unavailable. Menards has it, it’s just crazy expensive right now). I looked up a house for sale in the neighborhood, I saw a video and looked up the IGRA – International Gay Rodeo Association, looked up flashlights, tools, crop prices and marketing (foreshadowing!) decimal conversions, window screen repair, tillage equipment and auctions, tractor parts, ag cameras, magnets, and lots of other stuff.
    “It must be true, I read it on the internet! – Abe Lincoln”

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  6. This is fun – in the past few days (I’ll leave out some of the unsavory ones):
    San Diego CA Depot Amtrak
    Winona Health Covid 19 testing hours
    Who can get a second …. Covid 19 booster
    CBS Sunday Morning Watch online
    Sugar to honey conversion tables
    This is the most bizarre grammar rule you’ve probably never heard of
    Freezing deli meat twice
    CODA (2021 film) – Wikipedia
    Wil Smith apologizes to Chris Rock…

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        1. I figured it might be medical stuff. Sorry that you’re still struggling with this stuff. I’m hoping that there’s at least some progress, even if it’s slow.

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        2. I use DuckDuckGo as my browser now and I “burn” every page I search. I’ve searched some books lately as well as music. Once in awhile an old song will pop itself into my head and I’ll search for that on YouTube. I enjoy doing that. I have recently searched gentle Hatha yoga routines, books and music.


  7. I love to hunt for music – in 2020-21 “school” year for our online Unitarian services, I volunteered to find the music for each Sunday – 2 song/hymns that had lyrics that people could sing along to from home (if they so chose), and one meditation piece, all that related to the topic. Found everything via Youtube, and I found some amazing things… prompted sometimes by things I’d seen from friends’ Facebook offerings (PJ had some good ones).

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  8. I destroy my search history every time I close the window, so I’d have to reconstruct from memory:

    Church of the Subgenius slack
    English to Esperanto translate
    can cats eat cashews
    3ABN recipes
    Pusheen mugs

    So, nothing very interesting there…

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  9. My searches, as usual, are prompted by whatever I happen to be wondering about at the moment. I find it interesting that I can find information on line about people I once knew; whatever became of them, whether or not they’re still alive. Just last week I discovered that the woman from Clive, Iowa who was the breeder of our first dachshund in 1982, and with whom I had stayed in contact mostly via Facebook, Carole Crate, recently passed away.

    Jens Ege, the Danish diplomat for whom I worked in Moscow, passed away in 2018 at the age of 92. Even found a couple of videos of him. Likewise, I was able to ascertain that Peter Bridges, the American diplomat whose three kids were entrusted to my care for a few months in Moscow, is still alive. The internet and its various search engines are amazing tools.

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    1. Looks like you’d fit right in in this group, RBtL. I had never heard of Dr. Steve Brule, so naturally I had to google him. Oh my! Welcome to the trail. Check out our “Kitchen Congress,” lots of good recipes there.

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