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The next step in the front porch drama has concluded.  I’m sure you remember the photos of tim and me from sandblasting last summer.  So so dirty. 

What I didn’t say at the time was that what we uncovered when we got rid of the 3-4 layers of paint was horrific.   Completely uneven, a few long gouges and all the holes from when the house had been insulated back in the `80s.  My vision of painting the weekend after the sandblasting and being done were shattered.  tim walked me through plastering process but as the weeks went on, I knew I wasn’t up to it.  3 years into this project, I just needed a professional.

I found The Stucco Guy through my hardware store.  He came out, looked it over, took a few photos and the next day sent me a quote.  I accepted but by this time it was too chilly to do stucco work so we made a date for this spring.

They came last Tuesday morning and spent most of the day prepping.  Then on Wednesday they did the base coat.  It was a little disheartening because it is dark gray on application and it made the front porch seem quite gloomy.  They assured me it would lighten up over night and they would do the final coat the next day. 

On Thursday, I purposely stayed upstairs in my home office; I was so worried how it would turn out and if I would like it.  When he texted me at 4:30 that they were done and cleaning up, I was almost afraid to go downstairs.  It’s so beautiful that when I stepped out onto the porch, I teared up a little.  Best news?  He didn’t increase the price he had estimated for me last fall.  Very reasonable for 3 days of work (for 2 of them) and such a fabulous result.

There is some work to be done yet, but it’s the kind of work that YA and I are qualified for (little sanding, little painting) and hopefully will be done within the next month.  Only 3+ years to remodel a small front porch.  Gotta love these old houses!

When was the last time you gave in and called a professional?

33 thoughts on “Before / After”

  1. Tomorrow a contractor from Bismarck is coming to look at the two bathrooms we want to remodel. I have no problem getting a professional in to do things, since I want things done right, and we don’t have the skills to do it ourselves.

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  2. Like it. If this were done on HGTV, Sandra would watch it over and over again . One of the delights of her short term memory loss for her is she thinks every show she watches all day is new.
    I call the professional for everything including changing ceiling light bulbs. Kevin, the building maintenance man. 9 1/2 foot ceilings plus they are supposed to be led bulbs which they supply. They got a grant from Xcel.

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    1. When my dad was at the end of his life and in a nursing home, the door to the bathroom in his room was at the end of his bed. Dad was extraordinarily extroverted, so he loved visitors, even after his memory failed. He always knew who I was, but he did not remember we were there. If we visited, and used the bathroom or took the kids to use the bathroom, as soon as we exited the bathroom, he would issue a hearty Hi Jack! Or Hi Ben! That was the end of the conversation, but every time he was just so glad to see us. It was so very sad, and so very funny at the same time. Each moment was new and fresh. Kind of like HGTV for Sandy. I am glad something makes her happy.

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  3. It is such a quietly exuberant morning on my patio after last night and before tonight. I am letting the professionals built me playlists on Amazon music. Selections of Bach and Handel and Hyden that are gentle or soft or soothing as they say. Sort of the Muzak of classical music, but perfect for coffee on my patio.
    Have a good day all and survive the evening

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  4. I stopped trying to be a handyman years ago. I’ve done painting, drywall, refinishing furniture, and even built a stereo console and a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, but home repair and maintenance stuff doesn’t interest me much anymore, so I almost always hire someone for a job I could probably do. But I’d rather keep the tradespeople working, so we usually hire. Although we got a very expensive bid to replace our porch deck landing and stairs, so we might try just replacing the stairs ourselves.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  5. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I have discovered through negative experiences that sometimes it is cheaper to hire the expensive professional. Years ago I tried to lay ceramic tile. I made a mess that cost far more than just hiring it done. So there are things I will do and things I will not even try.

    We have a tree to remove in the yard. For that we have taken bids and have ended up joining forces with a neighbor who also needs a tree removed. He has a friend who does tree removal and will give us a two-fer deal

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  6. Oops—I accidentally hit post and I was not done.

    So the two-fer deal will be far cheaper than trying to do any part of tree removal. I know people who try that and it just creates damage everywhere.

    The professional I love the most? My cleaning lady. Can I clean? Yes. Can I get myself to do it. NO.

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  7. I always hire a professional. I can’t even paint a simple room without leaving blotches of paint on the carpet and on the ceiling. I consulted with a friend yesterday and she agreed to help. She’s not a professional but she’s done a lot of painting and she enjoys it. I simply detest it.

    I’m well aware of my limitations. I know well what I’m good at and what I simply must not even attempt. I do have twinges of guilt when I don’t even attempt something. However, I know that if I want it done and done properly, I should just get over it and make the call.

    I’m currently looking for suggestions for a good dog psychologist.

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    1. We’ve just finished 3 sessions with a “behaviorist” for YA’s dog. She says she sees improvement but the biggest thing I came away with from these session is that my longing to have a “normal” dog just ain’t gonna happen so I gotta let go of that. I’m not there yet.

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  8. Decades ago, after reading Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, I took the “hope for the best” and when problems arise, go to the professionals approach to automobile maintenance.

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    1. It is fabulous. The only way I could be happier would be if I woke up tomorrow and overnight fairies/brownies had finished the staining and painting!

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      1. Yes. It’s funny because I was just about to type in the titles again and then I thought I’ve typed them several times and if you haven’t read those books by today you’re probably not gonna read them by Sunday.

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        1. What time? Maybe tim or someone could send me his address. I work Saturday night so not sure yet if I will be up for it on Sunday.


  9. I think the last time I hired someone was when a section of rain gutter fell off the side of the house. It happened in the spring, and there had just been a big ice buildup in the gutter when there was a lot of freezing and thawing. It got heavy and just fell off. I was in no mood to try and fix it myself.

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