As you all know, one of our family traditions is apple-picking each fall.  It’s just one of many places that YA and I enjoy going and things we enjoy doing together.  Zoos, petting farms, state fair, museums, apple picking, tree selection, shopping, gardening. 

You’d think that I’d be overloaded with photos considering all the things we do but you’d be surprised.  YA is very resistant to posing for photos.  If I’m lucky, I can get one photo per “out and about”, but that’s not a guarantee.  I plead, I wheedle and sometimes I bribe; these attempts don’t always work.  I don’t know why she resists.  

Yesterday we headed out to the orchard and after we’d filled our first bag (Sweet Tangos), she asked me to take her picture with an apple tree behind her.  I was surprised but took a few photos.  Then she wanted photos in front of a different tree.  THEN she wanted photos in front of the corn maze.  Now I was practically in shock.  When I asked why, she said she wanted to have pictures to show she had been on “an outing”.  At first I thought this was some feature of Instagram or Tik Tok or even the activity app she has through work but it turns out it’s nothing official.  She just wants photos in case she decides she wants to post somewhere. 

Lots more photo sessions ensued including the big adirondack chairs they have in the orchard and the most surprising of all, next to the dinosaur sculptures up near the barn.  I would have bet money she would refuse those but she happily posed.  All these photos were taken on my phone and she spent the miles back home looking through them and sending many of them to herself.  I was a little concerned she might delete them off my phone when she was done, but she left them.  I’m still in shock.

Anything extraordinary or atypical in your world lately?

33 thoughts on “Astonishing”

    1. Cupcakes

      Can you sprinkle me with colorful delight
      Undo my desires by candlelight,
      Present me with presents wrapped in bows
      Can you layer me in ice cream from my head to my toes,
      Awaken my party where my passions reside
      Kiss me happy on a confetti ride,
      Entice me with a cherry on top
      Savor my flavors with a Neapolitan pop?

      -Georgieanna J. Harp

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  1. Nothing extraordinary, but I didn’t expect this cat project to come up, and it is something I needed.
    And we’re not ready yet, but we’re in business, with four kittens dumped on us by the council gang! Thanks a lot guys, they’d have been OK where they were for another couple of weeks, with Sheri (not Shezi) feeding them until their new home is set up. Foul play suspected, but still.

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    1. I was watching some fairly bland and predictable training videos for my my work-from-home gig, and was rather astonished to stumble across this one – so unexpected as to make me teary with surprise and delight:

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I have experienced a couple things lately:

    1. Last Monday at my aunt’s memorial service, my second to the youngest cousin (38/39. Yes, indeed. I am 19/39) approached me wanting a hug. She cried and said she had missed me since I quit going to reunions about 15 years ago, and that I am the strongest person she has ever known. I nearly fainted dead away. A few people there were glad to see me. I always thought they just did not care or disliked me. Huh?

    2. In early August my son announced to me that his company got a $2M grant from a cryptocurrency philanthropist to develop face masks that actually fit and protect from either pollutants or germs and viruses. They have their own YouTube channel and their partner “Aaron the Mask Nerd” announced the project. It was great news in a world of bad or fearful news. Here is a link:

    3. The Vikings (American Football for our Baboons outside of the USA) won yesterday in an atypical Vikings ending in which the players stepped up. It just made me feel optimistic about life’s possibilities.

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    1. Jacque, it’s so nice to hear that about your cousin, was she one of the “mean cousins?”
      And the mask thing, actually that IS astonishing.
      And the football, um, OK, nice. Yes, I’m glad, yes.

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      1. To the grant—it is astonishing! The philanthropist himself is a Russian-Canadian about my son’s age who made his fortune about 10 years ago in the early cryptocurrency market. The company got paid in crypto, which they immediate converted to dollars. That job alone took USBank a week.

        Re: Cousins—She is not one of the bullies. Those guys were brothers 2-4 years older than me. They had a lot of their own unmet needs which no adult, aside from my Grandma who did her best, seemed to notice.

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  3. Husband and I take turns reading aloud daily, after a meal or two as time allows. Just read several pages in Michael Perry’s Truck, A Love Story where he was describing a big chicken feed put on by the small t own fire department – this is when he is at his best. Laughing so hard, tears rolling down my cheeks.

    Anything else atypical? I tried a new casserole (Chicken Tamale Bake) last night that was actually pretty good…

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  4. OT: I said I needed the cat project. It’s because I’m bored and unfulfilled. I’m glad I’m here and not in Southampton. But I’m still away from home, with green fields and trees and streams, and proper farms just to keep my hand in. This place is a pile of dusty rocks and scrub, with a few boring fruit trees in between. I thought I had a little piece of land to play on, but that’s gone now. I do dream of the time (generally about a day and a half in the future), when little things don’t crop up to stop me making room in the garage to use my workbench and tools to amuse myself with various jobs. And of course the cat project delays that more. But it’s fun, when it starts, and I will use stuff on it from the garage, thereby making more room.
    And as I’m too lazy and timid to be campaigning against some of the many wrongs in the world, at least I can do a tiny bit for some cats.

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  5. I was watching some fairly bland and predictable training videos for my my work-from-home gig, and was rather astonished to stumble across this one – so unexpected as to make me teary with surprise and delight:

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