Kitty Lit

Photo Credit:  Alice Feigel

Nimue is not a super-cuddly kitty.  She comes around for treats and most mornings and evenings, she’ll curl up next to me on the bed if I’m watching tv or listening to a book on tape.  Very occasionally she’ll actually climb into my lap for cuddles. 

But if I want to guarantee her attention, all I need to do is read a book.  Every single time.  Doesn’t matter if I’m upstairs or downstairs, sitting on the sofa or laying on my bed.  I’ve seen her sitting in the back window watching me when I read in the yard.  She needs to be touching the book and preferably laying right on the book.  She doesn’t like to be nudged off when I have to turn the page.

I know this isn’t unusual but nobody seems to know why they do this?  Do kitties actually know how to read but can’t get the books off the bookshelf themselves?

What do you think?

69 thoughts on “Kitty Lit”

  1. OT: I really liked Linda’s “Empathy” video from late last night. I don’t hear so well, and only got part of what was said. But I got the message though she seemed to be talking about fake rather than real “sympathy.” Maybe I missed something.
    But empathy is so much easier than it seems. I do have to keep remembering that, I admit. You don’t have to give advice, help, or money. Just don’t run away. Stay and try and understand. That’s really all you have to do.

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  2. My son’s tuxedo cat wants to help make beds, so I guess that makes her a hotel maid. Last week she was sound asleep in his son’s bedroom so he set about the task very quietly. He bent down to fit the bottom sheet. When he stood back up she was on the bed looking at him.

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    1. I categorically deny NOT liking this. I tried to, but WP won’t let me. I don’t want to risk an altercation over this, but that’s a respectable number of likes for a baboon comment.


  3. I don’t know much about cats. They make me sneezy and itchy. They seem to stare at me in an accusing way, making me feel hopelessly inadequate and like I have failed somehow at something I never attempted. Disturbing creatures. Give me the honesty of a dog. Such good communicators.

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      1. I will always remember that Berke Breathed said in a comic once that when dogs are staring at you, they are thinking “do they taste like chicken?”

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  4. Our cat had been relegated to the basement since we got our puppy, mainly for protection of her food and litter box. She ate like crazy in her boredom, and we dubbed her “Rotunda” instead of her real name of Luna. Now that puppy is house trained and we have a secure gate to keep Kyrill out of her food and litter we leave the basement door open. She tears around the house at night, torments the dog by being just out of his reach, and is much happier. Our books are all downstairs. I don’t know what ones she read in her seclusion there.

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  5. Or is it more nefarious? Perhaps every book ever written is really a secret cat conspiracy code, and the cats are just trying to keep us from catching on.

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      1. I’m still trying to figure out who “jim” is, let alone how he is? Are you talking about “our” Jim? And if so, I’m assuming he didn’t make it to the most recent book club meeting for some reason?


  6. I am surprised that no one as yet, has posted a song that was played on the LGMS with some regularity, i.e. The Cat Came Back. I was unable to find the rendition that played there, but this short cartoon film tells the story pretty well:

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  7. My daughter accidentally ate a small amount of fish in a restaurant. She is very allergic. It was a hidden ingredient. She got suspicious and forced an answer. She was in Alexandria and is rushing home. It takes awhile to take effect. It can be a big impact even from a small amount.

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  8. I started reading large print books mostly because of Sammy, who always liked to get in between me and whatever book I was reading. Having to deal with the surplus span occupied by cat between my eyes and the page convinced me that large print was a good idea.

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